Massage Therapy with Florence Bannout

Florence Bannout is a California native specializing in Thai Massage, Acupressure, Deep Tissue, Posture Correction, Deep Fascia, Trigger Point and Reiki.

Recommended Medical Professionals and Clinics

A list of recommended medical professionals and clinics in Medellin from expats who’ve used their services.

Be Prepared, Be Protected

Protecting yourself from injury and illness while traveling overseas is not a bad idea. When you’re heading to a place like, oh, I don’t know, Colombia, this can come in handy. In fact, it can come in handy anywhere. Let’s say you’re hurt in a car accident. Or maybe you decide to take a boat […]

Travel Immunizations for Colombia

The little yellow book shows me everything. Before my September move to Medellín, Colombia, I did my research on the suggested travel vaccinations someone should get — and the proof I have gotten them is in a little book I carry with me when I travel. I was happy that it was easy to find […]

Doulas in Colombia

Are you planning on living in Colombia and having a family?  Are you unsure about the type of support systems available for women and men throughout pregnancy? Then read on, this message is for you. September will mark the first doula course ever to be held in Colombia.  One course will be held in Bogota, […]

Getting Sick in Santa Marta

I spent the first two weeks of June exploring Colombia’s Caribbean coast from Santa Marta to La Guajira Peninsula (the northernmost tip of Colombia, and South America).  Rarely have I had intestinal issues in Medellin, let along Colombia, however getting sick in Santa Marta made up for all that healthy time. During my trip to […]

A Few Words About (Legal) Drugs

I knew the time was coming when I would finally have to figure out the Colombian pharmacy system.  Obviously, I was only able to bring a certain amount of my medications with me. I knew I would be able to get prescription drugs in Colombia, here in Medellin, but I had no clue what the […]

Let’s Get Ready to Rumba

I recently renewed my gym membership at Dinamo in Envigado for a second month and began a new 8-week workout program.  Seeing results is only encouraging me to keep up the effort. It helps to be unemployed too – no excuses about lack of time! After barely saying a word to the other members in […]

Finding A Dentist At Clinica Las Vegas

Due for a regular teeth cleaning at the dentist, I asked Maira for a recommendation and she suggested the same place she uses, Clinica Las Vegas. Conveniently located along Las Vegas Avenue between EAFIT and the Poblado metro station, I decided to check it out. I walked in the entrance, and the guard was able […]