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In March 2014, Medellin Living began appealing to readers for support through Patreon, a new platform to help artists and “creators” fund their work.

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  1. Medellin first week of July. We would like to meet with expats that have been living,, working in Medellin. Share your adventure with us. Do you know of any other meetings or events where we can meet expats?

  2. James Staub says:

    are there tennis courts in Medellin??where? cost?

    • Hi James,

      I am aware of tennis courts that can be seen from the Universidad metro station. The place is named Club Academia De Tenis El Bosque located at address Cr65 #98-50. They have forgiving clay courts that I have heard are well maintained.

  3. Can you rent a home long term ? And about how much does it coast?

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