2017 Update: Colorful Jardín, a Pueblo Near Medellín Worth Visiting

Sonja takes us to colorful Jardín, which is one of the most beautiful small pueblos in Colombia that has remained largely unchanged for 140 years.

Jericó: More Than Religious Tourism

Located three hours by bus from Medellín, Jericó is conservative Catholic pueblo with a great history and beautiful mountain views.

A Tour of Historical Santa Fe de Antioquia with Medellín City Services

Touring colonial Santa Fe de Antioquia for a history lesson with Medellín City Services.

El Peñol Monolith: A Worthy Climb for 360-Degree Views

Just 86 kilometers outside of the city of Medellín is the stunning town of El Peñol, known for its gigantic rock and incredible island views.

Santa Fe de Antioquia: The Perfect Pueblo for a Day Trip

Escaping the hustle and bustle of the city for a day out to Santa Fe de Antioquia,a small and well-preserved colonial pueblo, situated only an hour and a half outside of Medellín.

The 5 Best Pueblos Around Medellín

Ryan’s picks for the 5 best pueblos around Medellin, including Guatape, Santa Fe de Antioquia, and a few lesser-known ones, each with its distinct beauty.

Parque Arví: Discovering the Flora, Fauna, and History of Santa Elena

Parque Arví is an eco-reserve located in Santa Elena. It’s easily accessible from Medellin via the metro and metrocable system.

San Antonio de Pereira: La Rumba en Rio Negro

The pueblos of Antioquia are as much a part of living in Medellin as the city itself. Last Saturday, I escaped to San Antonio de Pereira in Rio Negro.

Ciudad Bolívar: A Worthy Alternative to the Coffee Triangle

One of the first things you notice is that tourists rarely come here. You don’t see them in Ciudad Bolívar and you see the way the locals look at you, like you’re obviously out-of-place, like they’re wondering why you chose to travel to their town instead of the most popular Colombian coffee destination, the coffee […]

Jardín: A Sweet Journey In Colombia

Ryan’s adventures in and around Jardin, a colorful pueblo three and a half hours south of Medellin, Colombia (by bus).