Hacienda La Sierra – A Little Piece of Paradise in Fredonia, Antioquia.


It takes approximately 3 years for a coffee tree to bear fruit. It took this family-run farm just a little less than that to now be able to give tourism in Antioquia a special touch.

Hacienda La Sierra is located in Palomos, Fredonia – a village just about an hour from Medellin and two hours from the José Maria Córdova international airport. Some knowledge of the roads here is required, as the property is not really spotted from the street. But let me say, once you get there, you will not want to leave.


It starts with the view.

The perfect location – close to the city, yet far enough to be able to disconnect from the fast paced environment – makes it a great way to dive into meditation, yoga, and any outdoor activity that helps you connect with yourself.  All this while facing the Tusa Peak (Cerro Tusa), unique for it’s near-perfect pyramid shape. Oh, and did I mention all the greenery, birds chirping, insanely blue skies and fresh air?

I call it “connect to disconnect” and boy, do I love it!

The weather

Situated in the Central Andean Mountains, the spot enjoys a nearly perfect climate with warm days, gentle breezes and cool nights. Surrounded by nature, you’ll often get delighted by views of extinct volcanoes, the sounds and sights of birds, colorful butterflies and the sweet smell of tropical fruits. It’s a beautiful slice of Colombia, as they call it, and I agree.

The amenities

I have to say, as an avid reader, give me a gorgeous discreet corner with a pool, sun chairs and a fresh breeze, and I’ll royally enjoy it. Here’s a photo of what you should expect. Safe to say, do not forget your sunscreen home like I did..

Besides that, the restaurant, and the bar and great spots to cool out after sun bathing, alongside a good  cocktail and  freshly cooked meals, which I talk about below.

The food

Hacienda La Sierra focuses on Colombian cuisine and it combines ancestral recipes with regional sustainable seasonal sourced ingredients, encouraging community development. What sounds like a simple process and one to be expected from a farm, the result is not your typical village traditional plate. All courses are prepared with sophisticated techniques and style. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, no worries – they got you covered! If you prefer having your meal in a different environment than sitting at a table (again, with beautiful views!), the staff will organize a picnic for you. Talking about going the extra mile for your clients…

The rooms

I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for sweet gems. And this one is not an exception. Before I show you some photos, learn that we’re talking about 17th century Spanish colonial architecture. Sure, there are modern elements to add value to the overall experience, but they remain what is similar to peaceful sanctuaries. There is Wi-Fi in every room because yes, people still have to work (or just upload photos of this magical place on their Instagram) and also en-suite bathrooms, as well as private seating areas.


They have three types of rooms available: Superior Suites, Suites and Junior Suites, each at a different price but they all include 3 meals a day (starter, main dish, dessert, non-alcoholic drink) plus light snacks (AM/PM).

The extras

You’re an outdoor person? Then I think you’ll want to read this: hiking, bird watching, coffee tours, horse riding, town visit – you name it, they have it! For a small additional cost, you get to experience all these activities, meant to complete your experience at Hacienda La Sierra. They are all guided and safe.

The foundation

The family started Oro Molido foundation back in 2015 to develop programs towards improving the quality of life in the local community. These are based on alliances between business, higher education and government.

Soon, you’ll be able to contribute to it through booking ant of their activities, as a percentage will go towards the projects. In the meantime, you can make a direct donation if you wish to support the initiative. You can read more bout it here.


Hacienda La Sierra requires a twenty-four hour notice prior to your booking so that the staff can make sure they prepare the best experience for you. They’ll soon be on AirBnB so keep an eye on that when you’re planning your trip. In the meantime, you can book on their website, here.

If you don’t have the means to get there on your own, you can request the transport service they provide, which is a major plus, especially if you’re new to driving around here.

All in all, I found this to be a business about patience, love, hard work, building bridges and opening roads.


Many thanks to Catalina and the wonderful staff at Hacienda La Sierra for their hospitality.

Location: Vía Medellín – Fredonia
Corregimiento Los Palomos
Phone: +57 318 248 00 18 (Staff speak English and Spanish)
Email: turismo@cafeoromolido.com

Website: https://experienceoromolido.com/
Facebook: Hacienda La Sierra.



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