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The Top Gay-Friendly Places in Medellín

Medellín is one of the most progressive cities in Colombia – over the past decade seeing a rise in more accepting attitudes, particularly around...

Sindominio Art Bar: Murals, Music and Alternative Nightlife

Sindominio is a brand-turned-bar on Vía Provenza that highlights the importance of everything local: from artists to products, music, and creativity.

El Banana Splitter: Nightlife That Welcomes Diversity

El Banana Splitter is an inclusive LGBT nightlife organization that has hosted theme parties every other month since June 2014.

Advice for Staying Safe in Medellín

Ryan gives us an updated post about staying safe in Medellín after hearing about recent stories from expats in the city. His common-sense tips can help you.

Spanish Classes in Medellín at Centro Interactivo de Español

Ryan takes a closer look at the Centro Interactivo de Español, a great place to take Spanish classes in Medellín for all the foreigners in the city.

La 33: A Nightlife District West of the River

Situated near Laureles and La 70 west of the Medellín river, La 33 is a nightlife district without the throngs of tourists and foreigners found in Poblado.

Itagüí: A Nightlife Hotspot Is Growing Up

We take a closer look at Itagüí, a city and suburb south of Medellín, and often overshadowed by its rapidly growing neighbors.