Thursday, February 21, 2019


Philly Sports Bar: A New Place in Laureles to Catch the...

Philly Sports Bar provides friendly service and a great atmosphere for watching sports and enjoying affordable food and drinks in the popular Laureles neighborhood in Medellin.


Join the Medellín Living February Meetup at Medellin Beer Factory in...

The Medellín Living February meetup event will take place on Thursday, February 21, at 7pm at Medellin Beer Factory in Poblado (Calle 10 location).

Join the Medellín Living January Meetup at Public House in Laureles...

The Medellín Living January meetup event will take place on Thursday, January 17, at 7pm at Public House in Laureles (Nutibara location).



Beautiful mountain view from the rooftop of International House Medellin Hostel

International House Medellin: Comfort and Tranquility Close to Nightlife Hotspots

International House Medellin Hostel provides travelers comfort and tranquility in a location that also gives them easy access to Medellin's nightlife hotspots.
Manila Food Market

Manila Food Market: a New Gastronomic Market in Medellín

Sonya takes us to Manila Food Market, a new and intimate gastronomic market located in the Manila barrio of El Poblado.

Medellín Real Estate: 2017 Foreign Buyer’s Guide

Brad Hinkleman, Founder of Casacol SAS, shares with us his foreign buyer's guide to Medellín real estate and investing.


We look at preliminary survey results to see which are the most popular neighborhoods in Medellín for expats living in the city and if they rent or buy.
Jeff surveyed 300 apartments in Medellín to find out what the Medellín furnished apartment rental costs are in several neighborhoods in the city.
Nueva Alejandria is a luxury apartment building along Poblado's Milla de Oro (Golden Mile). It features one, two and three bedroom apartments.



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