Where to Find Spanish Classes in Medellin



Medellín offers a variety of Spanish classes for foreigners throughout the city, and among different types of groups and organizations. Below is a list of schools and websites.

Free Language Exchange

UPB Conversational Classes

Conversation Club: Mondays from 2 – 4 p.m. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 12 – 2 p.m.

Writing Club: Mondays from 4 – 6 p.m.

Grammar Club: Fridays from 2 – 4 p.m.

Location varies between two different buildings, six and 12 and classrooms.

Speak with Gustavo, the Director of the language center at UPB in Building 6 (Gustavo.jaramillo@upb.edu.co, 574-354-4564). Remember to bring an ID with you to get onto the campus.


Couchsurfing is a great website to help you manage in Colombia, meet new friends, see what’s new, where people are going, find a place to stay AND have free el intercambio de idiomas.

Free language exchanges usually take place on Wednesday or Thursday evenings in a very relaxed environment, like at a park or pub. People get together, eat, drink and talk.


Three major universities offer Spanish classes, as well as help you get a student visa to allow you to stay in the country for up to six months at a time.


Has an expanding language center run by Gustavo Jaramillo Cardona (Gustavo.jaramillo@upb.edu.co, 574-354-4564).

They have 14 levels of Spanish classes and offer group classes at 17,000 pesos, semi-private 26,000 pesos and private lessons 44,000 pesos.

The drawback is that there are not enough students to offer group classes at every level.  As I’m writing this post, they only have enough students for level 3 and level 8 so everyone must fit into one of these levels or wait until more students come.

University of Antioquia  

Recently cut back on their Spanish as a foreign language department and currently only offer private classes for about 44,000 pesos.


Offers four levels of Spanish programs with 12 courses in total, with no more than eight students in each class.

All three universities offer help with finding housing, getting a student visa, and providing orientation to Colombian culture through the ability to sit in on certain classes for no credit.

Furthermore, there are many language centers that offer English, German, French, Italian, Japanese and Portuguese as well as Spanish for foreigners. Many of them can be found by browsing the web.

Additional Spanish Programs

Colombia Immersion

Located in Envigado, Colombia Immersion focuses on teaching functional Spanish to get you speaking fluently with locals as quickly as possible. They offer three options for learning Spanish.

  1. The Spanish Immersion Program includes 16 hours of class, unlimited tutoring, field trips, furnished housing, breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday, and more. The cost is $1,550 per month.
  2. Group Spanish lessons are available at a cost of 280,000 pesos per week for 10 hours or 500,000 pesos per week for 20 hours.
  3. Private lessons cost 40,000 pesos per hour.

El Dorado Spanish School

El Dorado is an Envigado language school was founded by a Colombian-Polish couple, Robinson and Ewa, both language educators. Their schools focus on English and Spanish for foreigners and have been open in Envigado for about three years and in Poland for about eight.

El Dorado is prepared to teach these kinds of foreigners the “most usable” Spanish that will be useful to them while they’re here and as they continue their travels, what they call “survival Spanish” to get you out of a bind.

You can partake in:

  • group classes
  • online classes
  • private classes

Prices per program are as follows.

Intensive Program 240,000 COP per week (aprox. $76) includes:

  • 3 Daily Classes
  • Speaking Clubs
  • Salsa Lessons
  • Envigado Walking Tour

The Semi-Private programs (Small groups) for  680,000 COP ($215.00) and 1250,000 COP ($396.50) depending on the package you choose both include:

  • 12 classes a week
  • Salsa lessons
  • Speaking clubs
  • Envigado walking tour

Or private programs for 770,000 ($244.00) and 1450,000 ($460) depending on the package which all include the same.

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  1. Why don’t you get Eafit or UPB to sponsor this blog? They definitely have the cash to do so and it would reach a broad audience of foreigners looking for a place to take Spanish classes. Think about it.

  2. Good info in this article… One extra note: the buildings are called “bloques”… So when you go to UPB, for example, look for a map of the campus or ask someone where “Bloque Seis” (Building 6) is. And the language center is on the first floor.

  3. Hey buddy,

    Any ideas through word of mouth of good schools in Bogotá? I have a friend looking for somewhere.


  4. Hey Jessica, any chance you could shoot me an email? I am thinking about moving to Medellin in a few months and you touch on some things I’ve been thinking about… I just wondered if I could bug you and ask you a couple questions. Thanks! Jennie

  5. Hi Jennie, I dont remember if I ever responded to you, so if you are still planning on moving here, or you are here.. send me a note.. sattvictiger@gmail.com


  6. William murphy says:

    Check out Break Free of Academic Spanish. Very economical and has classes online taught directly from the book. http://www.breakfreefromacademicspanish.com cost is 70,000 pesos and is available in all Libreria Nationales in Medellin. olivedo, Santa Fe, and El Tesoro to name a few

  7. Very useful info. Emailed Gustavo at UPB for info and he responded in minutes even on Sunday.

  8. Does anyone have an English speaking contact for EAFIT? I sent them an email about using VA benefits for the Spanish course a few weeks ago but haven’t received a response, thanks.

  9. Hey, I see some pricing on your post

    “They have 14 levels of Spanish classes and offer group classes at 17,000 COP ($9), semi-private 26,000 COP ($14) and private lessons 44,000 COP ($24).”

    Are those hourly rates or per day, per class?, how does the pricing work?

  10. Hola foreign amigos in columbia 🙂
    Touncan spanish school in Medellin is 2nd best rated in columbia and i want to enroll fir 2 weeks starting next week (14th Septiembre). They have a great 50% off deal if you enroll with 2 persons (friend).
    Anyone in?
    Katha from Germany

    • Hi Katharina, I guess you have left now, but I would be interested in the private spanish courses if you come back later. Or if anybody else is interested in this 50% off deal if two people enroll simultanously.

  11. I’m going here at the moment, it’s new but it’s better than a couple of other Spanish schools I’ve been to. They’re really keen to get you out practising with locals etc and the teachers a super friendly. It’s called Colombia immersion, in Envigado.


  12. Hey! I went to the Colombia Immersion and really enjoyed it! Never been to a school like this before, where they really focus on practicing. They also have home-stay, language exchanges, volunteering in a restaurant and a lot of locals hanging around all the time, because it is not located in the touristic parts of Medellin. I can highly recommend it!! 🙂

  13. Learning Spanish in two months ?

    I am writing this to give back a bit of what my Spanish teacher gave me. I just feel grateful I have met Enrique and I wanted to talk about him. He moved 2 months ago to Medellin and start from scratch here. I thought I could gave him a hand and I am sure it could be beneficial to others. That’s why I am happy to write this small ad for him.

    Learning spanish was my biggest goal here in Colombia and he commits himself that he could teach spanish or german in two months to anybody. I though…”let’s try”…and now I believe it is possible. He has a specific methodology focused on very practical things, lot of dialogues and real life teaching. He is very good at teaching grammar, tenses or vocabulary when needed. He has a lot of experience teaching at universities and many different people, from different cultures, is super enthusiastic and friendly. It is obvious he likes what he is doing, and it is the best way to make a student feel the same way with the process of learning. Enough talk. Here is its contact details. Better contact him directly and judge by yourself 😉

    Address where he has a small office but I think he is also willing to move if necessary : Laureles (Carrera 71 with calle 41)
    Name and phone : Jorge Enrique Perez – 300 488 96 95. 
    E-mail: profesorjorgeperez@outlook.com
    Prices for two months (which I think are very good and competitive, especially if you look at the efficiency of each hour !) : $1’200.000 col. -40 hours=$500 US-dollars.

    • James Colombia says:

      SPANISH Classes in Medellin I agree with Simon and I want to add my 2 cents worth!

      I am a 49 year old guy with 2 years of high school Spanish. i kind of like the Spanish vibe here in Colombia so I decided to visit. Now I want to stay.

      I watched the Youtube video “Spanish in 30 Days” and decided that was for me. So I needed a lot of .help! I found Jorge online (he teaches German and Spanish) and arranged private lessons. He is economical and located in a super-safe area of Laureles, just a short walk from the Metro. I paid 70 thousand pesos ($23) for a 2 hour private lesson every other day. Well worth it.

      Besides being a nice guy, Jorge has an advantage over other teachers that most foreigners don’t realize they need. His English is limited. That means, an hour lesson with Jorge is an hour of Spanish time. No safety net! You have no choice but to try to speak Spanish and understand.. Bring your celphone with google translate and go for it. Jorge speaks slowly and clearly so you will pick it up. And faster than you think. Trust me.

      I have seen Spanish lessons here and online where the teacher is speaking English 90% of the time or more! The student is getting 10 minutes or less of Spanish in an hour lesson – that is NOT what you want. If your teacher is fluent in English, it is too easy to fall back to English. And you don’t want to spend all your lesson guarding against that. It is just too much work.

      So if you really want to learn Spanish, Jorge is the guy. He always corrects me gently and one mistake at a time. Youtube videos and online courses are great for basic vocab and tenses but you will need face-to-face time where you have to form a sentence and try to understand a response. Colombians are a very courteous people and will not correct your mistakes. A teacher like Jorge will – he has taught Spanish to Germans for 9 years. He had me write a dozen sentences as homework each time. It only took a few minutes to do. Then we would review each lesson and find my basic errors. I needed that..

      Immediately, jorge got on me to speak simply, clearly, and 1 idea per sentence. Beginners need to start with simple sentences so they can be understood. Then he corrected and worked with me on my common errors, like Por versus para, estar versus ser, conjugation errors, etc. Each lesson further motivated me to review online and do sample questions until I felt comfortable.
      If you have any questions, contact me.

      Jorge’s has a small office in Laureles (he also goes to Poblado at times) :
      Laureles (Carrera 71 with calle 41)
      Name and phone : Jorge Enrique Perez – 300 488 96 95.
      E-mail: profesorjorgeperez@outlook.com

      • I agree with both Simon and James and I am glad they wrote their reviews, thanks guys, I really appreciate that.

        I decided to contact Enrique based on their reviews and as of tomorrow I will have had 30 hours of one-on-one instruction with him. For the past three weeks he’s been coming over to my apartment in Laureles every weekday for a two hour class.

        I’ve been learning Spanish on my own for ~3 years and by the time of my arrival in Medellin I could speak in simple sentences. I felt like I had an OK grip on grammar, I could write an email, but while speaking I was frequently misusing por/para, subjunctive etc. I was confident at getting the ball over the net, but I was not a confident speaker.

        I have improved greatly, I now take my time, make small talk, I ask people to explain things to me and even though, I still struggle sometimes, most locals understand me fairly easily.

        Enrique recently created a spanish.stackexchange.com profile with his information

        I recommend contacting him through WhatsApp at this number +57 300 488 96 95

        And as far as his pricing: a 20hr package is currently $700 000 COP ($225 USD given the current exchange rate) and if you buy less than 20 hrs worth of classes, it’s $40 000 COP per hour

  14. If you are looking for spanish tutor online You can find it here https://preply.com/en/learn-spanish-online

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