Best Hotels in Medellin

Inntu Hotel is not only beautiful, it's energy efficient.
The Inntu Hotel greets you with a very contemporary design.
The Inntu Hotel greets you with a very contemporary design.

The holiday season begins this week and a lot of people will be traveling.

Medellin is a great destination.

The grand display of Christmas lights along the Rio Medellin is a must-see attraction.

Now you just have to decide where to stay in the city, and if you don’t have family or friends, we have some recommendations for you.

These are our Top 10 hotels in the city, a variety that tries to factor all amenities of each locale, such as cleanliness, dining, entertainment, gymnasiums/spas, and location, and whether or not the cost is right for what you receive.

As a bonus, we’ve updated our Best Hostels post from last year. It is now a Top 10, instead of just a Top 5.

Among these 20 options, you should be able to find the place that’s right for you when you are here.

Inntu Hotel is not only beautiful, it's energy efficient.
Inntu Hotel is not only beautiful, it’s energy efficient.

1. Inntu Hotel

One of the city’s newest five-star lodging options is also its best.

The rooms are all so clean and from the rooftop there is a fantastic view of the city, including the Laureles neighborhood where the hotel is located.

On the first floor there is a great parrilla, or grill-style, restaurant, and there are other specialty restaurants nearby such as Il Massimo (Italian), La Bodeguita Havanera (Cuban), Peru Mix (Peruvian fusion) and Sushi House (Asian fusion), and the hotel can recommend anything you need as far as tours or navigating the city.

The Inntu has a beautiful spa too.

Perhaps my favorite part of the hotel, though, is their eco-friendly features. Workers use collected rainwater to clean the floors, and the lights on each floor are sensor-operated and remain off if no one is there.

These features earned the hotel finalist status in a competition in Buenos Aires to determine which hotel is the most environmentally friendly in South America.

They might not have come in first there, but they did here.


Comfort is synonymous with Hotel Le Parc.
Comfort is synonymous with Hotel Le Parc.

2. Le Parc Hotel

I remember watching this place develop, first as the shell of a building, then with a little more color, and finally with everything coming together to create the beautiful five-star hotel you see before you today.

Maybe you wouldn’t say that seeing this is as spectacular as watching Michelangelo paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel but you could admit to feeling something special, knowing this was urban infill at its best, finding a space in the core of a bustling metropolitan area and filling it with something useful, instead of perpetuating the urban sprawl that overwhelms to many places.

I would know. I lived in Florida for seven years.

So in this hotel where art and elegance collide, you’ll find beautiful rooms with large balconies, and best of all, a memorable stay.

The staff is happy to help suggest ways you can see all the beautiful things outside your hotel. Just ask.

My new friends from Boston enjoyed not only their rooms at The Charlee but the nightclub on the roof, Envy.
My new friends from Boston enjoyed not only their rooms at The Charlee but the nightclub on the roof, Envy.

3. The Charlee Lifestyle Hotel

If we had to guess, the word lifestyle is used in the title as a subliminal reference to lifestyles of the rich and famous, because that’s the feeling you get when you are here.

The place is dripping in luxury.

There’s Lucia, the fancy Italian restaurant on the first floor. There’s the gym upstairs that even local residents pay to use, some of them models. There’s the library on the second floor, the comfortable couches to read and relax. And there’s Envy, the rooftop club known for its high-end clientele.

Oh, and the rooms. You should see the rooms, some of them with their own grill and cooking station out on the balcony overlooking Parque Lleras.

Questions about the city? The Charlee can make sure you see Medellin’s best side.

This hotel will spoil you.


You'll surely find comfort at the San Fernando Plaza Hotel.
You’ll surely find comfort at the San Fernando Plaza Hotel.

4. San Fernando Plaza Hotel

If I didn’t want to be surrounded by party people, there’s no doubt I would stay at the San Fernando Plaza Hotel.

It has a beautiful and modest grace about it, from the lobby to the rooms, and I love that the pool is on the 8th floor, next to the hotel restaurant.

Speaking of dining, if you want to eat out, you don’t have to go far.

The hotel is part of the San Fernando Plaza, home to several great restaurants, including my favorite Mexican restaurant in the city, Sabor A Mexico.

If you leave the plaza, you’re right on the Milla de Oro, or Golden Mile, one of the richest areas of the city and a beautiful place to take a walk.


You might meet someone famous at the Art Hotel, like Maria Clara Rodriguez.
You might meet someone famous at the Art Hotel, like Maria Clara Rodriguez.

5. Art Hotel

Like the Charlee, the Art Hotel puts you in the middle of the action.

It’s halfway between Parque Lleras and Parque Poblado, two parks that fill with partygoers every weekend.

It’s across the street from Babylon, the best place to go on Thursdays, when ladies get in free and drink for free until 1 a.m., and guys pay 30,000 pesos (about $16) to get for free drinks until the same early morning hour.

My favorite part is the Art Deco feel to the place. I stayed here during my first trip ever to Medellín and loved it.

It might not be as extravagant as some of the other hotels, but it’s just as comfortable and I would recommend it to anyone.


El Porton de San Joaquin is a great option if you want to get to know Laureles, what I think is the best neighborhood in the city.
El Porton de San Joaquin is a great option if you want to get to know Laureles, what I think is the best neighborhood in the city.

6. El Porton de San Joaquin

Another Laureles location, this hotel gives you a variety of rooms, including those that would serve a handful of kids, great for a family on vacation. All the rooms are very clean and nice.

Downstairs there is a nice restaurant, a computer room with free Internet, and a big conference room. On the second floor you can find a gym and sauna.

La 70, or Avenida 70, a two-mile strip of bars and restaurants, is a quick walk away.

If you’re headed that way, take a picture of the big church outside. It’s one of the prettier structures in the city.


If you like futbol, you might want to consider Estadio Real.
If you like futbol, you might want to consider Estadio Real. It’s only a few blocks away from Estadio Atanasio Girardot.

7. Estadio Real and Hotel Casa Mayor (tie)

Atletico Nacional is probably the most popular futbol team in Colombia, and Estadio Real lets fans from other parts of the country get up close to the action.

It’s only four blocks from the stadium, Estadio Atanasio Girardot, as well as the Centro Comercial Obelisco, home to Tropical Blue, one of the best sports bars in the city to watch a game.

If Estadio Real is full, don’t hesitate to stay at the nearby Hotel Casa Mayor (

Same owners. Same quality. Same great experience.

The Dann Carlton is one of the most well-known hotels in Medellin.
The Dann Carlton is one of the most well-known hotels in Medellin.

9. Hotel Dann Carlton

You can’t miss this place.

It’s the first hotel you see as you head south on Avenida Poblado and enter La Milla de Oro.

Sure, the rooms are nice and hotel is fancy, especially with the rotating Tony Roma’s restaurant on top, but what I always notice is the latest culinary promotion downstairs.

Outside there is a new sign, every month or so, to say this month one of the hotel restaurants has an Argentine theme, or a French theme, or fill-in-the-blank-and-they’ll-have-it theme.

Because I live in Medellin, I have no reason to stay there. But I might stop by some night for a meal.


The Ibis is a great quiet option in Poblado.
The Ibis is a quiet option in Poblado.

10. Ibis

A new friend I made recently stayed at the Ibis and he had good things to say.

Nice rooms, good location, nearby amenities.

To elaborate:

1. The rooms are clean and comfortable.

2. It’s located in Poblado, but not in the heart of Parque Lleras, so it’s a little more quiet.

3. The hotel faces the same plaza where you’ll find the Museo de Arte Moderno, and it’s related restaurant named Bonuar. And then there’s the popular park behind the museum.

Yeah, it’s not a bad place.


Did we miss a great hotel? Let us know in the Comments below.

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  1. How about Medellin Royal next to Santa Fe mall, or Aparta Suite Torre Poblado close to Parque Lleras – I believe both of these are better hotel choices than some on your list.

    • Just returned to Medellin and stayed at the Medellin Royal NH! Superb hotel! Everything you need. 50 meters to the CC Santa Fe mall. The 4 points Sheraton close by is a great choice as well. The Charley is the most expensive. A Mariott is now in town too. IBIS is probsbly the most economical.

      • Thanks Ryan….One thing I can’t get my mind around is one(EPS) costs 80,000 the other(Prepagado), for me….500,000…and I would really like to know what the real difference is. Some Colombians say the only real difference is that one gets an appointment immediately with Prepagado….others say ‘no….much more than that’.

        • i’ll talk to my friend juancho. he owns a doctor’s office and two pharmacies. in fact, i’m waiting to hear from him because a new friend has been asking me the same kind of questions

    • yeah, looked cool. like i wrote, a friend stayed there recently while on vacation. apparently he comes down here as a quick escape from florida and he’s been trying different hotels and really liked the ibis. so, i checked it out and concurred.

  2. I’m a big fan of the Dann Carlton as a family destination on the weekends. They run a special for one room with two adults and two kids for COP 94,000 per adult, with the kids free. I realize that most readers of this blog don’t have a family in tow, but I think I would enjoy this as a couple too. Breakfast for the adults is included. Officially, the kids are not included in the breakfast, but we have never been charged. The buffet breakfast is among the best I have had in Colombian hotels.

    The area around the pool is like a mini-resort in the city. Pretty good food, a nice gym, sauna. Towels are provided.

    I do want to caution that it is not a luxury hotel. Though it is advertised as such, the rooms are dated and nothing special. The public spaces are very nice, but the rooms need remodeling. However, I think it’s a great bargain.

  3. Has the author stayed in these hotels? I have stayed in most of them and would not include Estadio Real or Hotel Casa Mayor in Estadio in a top 10 list as many hotels not on this list located in El Poblado are better hotels. Estadio Real is an overpriced budget hotel close to the stadium with rooms that need remodeling. I agree with John’s comment that Hotel Dann Carlton advertises as a luxury hotel but the rooms are dated and need remodeling – but it has a good location. However, I wouldn’t include Hotel Dann in a Medellín top 10 hotel list – I would put Medellin Royal ahead of Hotel Dann and several other hotels on this list.

    Perhaps the author should have looked at the reviews on TripAdvisor, which does a pretty good job of ranking the best hotels in Medellín.

    • hi kate, looked at trip advisor, but i don’t consider trip advisor, lonely planet or any of those things gospel, as others do, so i went to each hotel to check them out.

      the other thing is, you need to look at this from another perspective.

      if you’re a football fan and want to be near the action, estadio real and casa mayor are perfect. medellin royal is nowhere near the stadium. geography matters too, and i was very clear that estadio real and casa mayor are perfect for football fans.

      as for dann carlton vs medellin royal, sure you can argue that medellin royal is nicer. but one of the reasons i like dann carlton is the culinary themes they create. i think it’s a nice feature.

  4. Let me rank my hotels this way: If my parents were coming to visit where would I recommend they stay. (In no particular order)

    1. Four Points Sheraton
    2. Hotel Estelar Blue…(best location in the city IMO….secluded, quiet, yet only one block from main drag)
    3. Hotel Estelar Milla de Oro
    4. Hotel San Fernando Plaza
    5. Hotel Poblado Alejandria
    6. Hotel Novelty Suites
    7. Hotel Park 10
    8. Hotel Affinity Aparta
    9. Hotel Best Western Skyplus
    10. Hotel Medellin Royal

    If I were a visitor staying here:

    1. Art Hotel
    2. Le Parc
    3. Charlee
    4. Hotel Poblado Plaza….(Very good Crab Bisque and Homemade banana bread BTW!)
    5. Hotel Diez
    6. Hotel Acqua
    7. In House
    8. Hotel Natura
    9. Torre Poblado
    10. Hotel Florencia Plaza

    • Thanks Gary, I agree with most of your “hotels for parents” list, which I think is much more accurate than Ryan’s list. The best hotels in Medellín are all located in El Poblado and I don’t believe any of the hotels that Ryan listed that are located in Laureles/Estadio belong on a top 10 Medellín hotels list. Ryan cites being close to the stadium as a benefit but it is so easy in Medellín to hop on the metro and be at the stadium or take a cheap taxi. I believe that most visitors that would be staying in a hotel in Medellín would prefer to be closer to all the restaurants/shopping/nightlife in El Pobaldo – which is why most of the hotels in Medellín are located in El Pobaldo.

      • well, jeff, it’s too bad gary isn’t managing editor for a blog like this one. then he could write his own list too. but i’m open to suggestions and you might see some revisions in the future. i would, however, refrain from putting poblado so much higher than laureles because that gap has closed…

          • The Inntu Hotel in Laureles looks big from the outside, but it has just 4 rooms per floor. Great staff, and inexpensive if you reserve in advance. Near great restaurants and unique shopping. I stayed for a week. Have also stayed at the Sheraton 4 points on some trips, it’s nice and right at the Oviedo mall which has great restaurants and a Carulla grocery store.

  5. One has to be careful with ratings on Trip Advisor or anywhere else. Because some people are so picky that if they see just one cockroach they will go nuts on any Hotel. It all depends on location, amenities and price and not in that order. generally, the more you pay the more elegant is should be. This Charlee should be the best in town right? That bar on the top floor must charge $20 for a drink? SoBe!

    I stayed at the GHL Capitol in Bogota last November. Right next to it is the Sheraton Plaza and the Mariott! I priced all 3 and visited each one. The GHL was the least expensive and while the Mariott was newer it would have been a waste of money for me.

    Different strokes for different folks. However, if a Hotel has mostly good ratings with the amenities you want you should be ok.

    Question? Is there a Hotel in Medellin with:

    A safe in the room big enough for a laptop?
    A swimming pool?
    An exercise room?
    Free breakfast?
    A safe area where you can walk to the metro? Free wifi
    $70 or less?

    I cannot find one in Medellin with this criteria so the IBIS seems the best choice for me. The Sheraton might be the closet I seek although the price jumps ! Any suggestions?

  6. I am staying at the Hotel Diez Categoria right now. I booked it on HOTWIRE for $70 dollars a night including taxes and fees. It is a very nice Hotel with an excellent in room safe big enough for a laptop 16 inch. The breakfast is superb and the room is nice and large. It is a 5 minute walk from Lleras Park. The only complaint I have would be the Jacuzzi they have on the top floor does not seem to be working at all and it is a 20 minute walk from the Poblado Metro stop. Other than that it is a very good Hotel and the breakfast provided in the price is very good indeed. Booked it on HOTWIRE where you don’t know the Hotel name until after you pay but 90% of the guests were satisfied here. (BTW If you seek to bring a lady to your room who is NOT on the original reservation made for two people, they will charge you $100 to allow her into the room and each time you change a lady they charge another $100. This did not apply to me but for you party people be aware.) I spent too much time studying the Hotels before arriving. The ones listed above for parents and visitors is a solid list I think. When I return I probably will try the IBIS because it is so close to the Industriales metro stop, the price, and I don’t need to be by Lleras to party. LOL BTW Medellin reminds me of Caracas, Venezuela!

    • There is a Jacuzzi working up there on the top floor I did not see it the first time I went up there. I sat in it for an hour yesterday. It is next to the two treadmills, two stationary bikes and the two elliptical machines that all work. A steam room and a dry sauna up there too! This is a superb hotel and I would stay there again!