The Marquee Hotel’s Café: A Review

The Marquee Hotel’s Café: A Review

Taking a quiet afternoon sipping some coffee in Medellin can enhance your visit, so it’s worth considering. 

Where can you grab a cup of coffee from the best-tasting beans in the world? As a coffee purist, I’m here to convince you that the Marquee Hotel is the place.

If you find yourself strolling through the El Poblado neighborhood, grab some caffeine while you’re at it! There’s a lot to see. Stay energized. 

Sipping Some Coffee at the Marquee

At the hotel’s restaurant, Abbiocco by Carmen, you’ll have the chance to try a wide variety of coffee beans prepared in different artisan ways. But if you’re craving some lunch, try tasting their Italian-inspired cuisine peppered with Colombian fresh ingredients

Pay your respects to the gourmet chefs Carmen Angel and Rob Pevetts and tell them what you think!

The best part of this restaurant is its outdoor seating, decorated with pots and overgrown plants that give a perfect natural atmosphere for a peaceful coffee time.

After looking through the menu, you will understand the popularity of this restaurant. 

Choose to drink the traditional coffee, or go further and try your luck at the Caffe Speziale Menu (available from 9 am to 4 pm). Some of the caffeine classics are:

  • Americano
  • Espresso
  • Macchiato
  • Latte 
  • Cappuccino
  • Cold Brew Abbiocco

Medellin is a country with some of the highest quality beans in the world, Don’t miss the opportunity to try a coffee with a balanced aroma, body, acidity, and flavor.

Depending on the type of coffee you order and the number of servings desired, the waiter will bring the coffee machine you prefer. The options are:

  • V-60
  • Aeropress
  • Chemex
  • French press

There are three varieties of coffee offered by Abbiocco. Each one has different profiles, so if you don’t know what your style is yet, you can ask for some help from the barista.

  1. Elegant: balanced profile attributed to traditional Colombian fermentation and drying methods.
  2. Exotic: fruity profile, with strong flavors from experimental fermentation methods.
  3. Gesha: Globally recognized variety characterized by fine attributes: floral aroma and flavor similar to tea.

The Desserts Menu

Courtesy by Cocina y vino

If you have room for dessert and are craving something sweeter than bitter (but tasty) coffee, the menu here will not disappoint.

The Fresas & nata is an almond sponge cake topped with brow butter buttercream and garnished with local fresh strawberries, jam, Colombian vanilla créme, and macadamias. This choice is an option that takes a rest from the citrus flavors of Colombian coffee.

Another well-known dish is the Affogato. The Affogato is a blend of hazelnut gelato, stracciatella gelato, cocoa, and rum truffle. The waiter will sometimes pour espresso brought directly from Tamesis, a small coffee-producing village southwest of Antioquia.

 Don’t forget about liqueurs such as sparkling wines, cocktails, and snacks!

Coffee Tasting Tour at the Marquee

If you want to get a coffee-tasting experience under your belt while in Medellin, you can book a tour with the best professional baristas in coffee brewing. Luckily, this activity isn’t exclusive to hotel guests, so you can get access to it even if you’re staying somewhere else.

Sip, smell and swirl this experience. It’s an educational yet fun activity to learn a little more about Colombian coffee, harvesting, production, treatment, and grinding until it reaches your morning cup.

Coffee tasting is affordable and only takes about an hour, so it’s perfect for a last-minute adventure. 

Getting to the Marquee Hotel

The Marquee Hotel is in one of the busiest and most hustling neighborhoods of Medellin, El Poblado. The Marquee has scenic walks and other tourist attractions in the city, like Parque Lineal La Presidenta and San Fernando Plaza.

When Using the metro, just get off at the Poblado station and walk for 15 minutes. Taxis or  ride-share apps are other alternatives.


Address: Cra. 38 #9A-13, El Poblado, Medellín, Antioquia

Go for an Afternoon Coffee at the Marquee

Despite the variety of beautiful cafes throughout El Poblado, your experience in the Marquee will stand out among the others.

Are you planning to visit the Marquee Hotel? What’s your favorite kind of coffee? Let us know in the comments!

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