8 Best Hospitals in Medellín – Quality Healthcare at Low Cost

Medellín has 8 of the best hospitals in all of Latin America, alleviating a concern for retirees and positioning the city well for medical tourism.

Pollution in Medellín: a Major Concern for Expats Living in the City

We look at the facts about pollution in Medellín, which is a major concern of expats living in the city.

What the Heck is Chikungunya?

Chikungunya is a virus spread by the mosquito species Aedes aegypti, the same mosquito responsible for the transmission of dengue fever.

Fundación Camino al Sol and Ayahuasca Activities

Camino al Sol is an off-shoot of Comunidad Carare, a spiritual/peace/medicine community with various bases throughout Colombia.

Massage Therapy With Michael Nedwick

During the month of May, Ximena tried massage therapy with Michael Nedwick, an expat, military massage therapist offering services in Medellín.

Massage Therapy by Leidy Madonna

Leidy Madonna is a bilingual (English/Spanish) sports therapist. Her practice combines a variety of techniques including deep tissue and trigger point.

Frozen in Spring Time: Freezing My Eggs at inSer Fertility Center

One American woman’s experience with medical tourism in Medellín, Colombia, specifically a procedure to freeze her eggs at InSer Fertility Center.

Rolfing Bodywork by Todd Morrill

Rolfing is a bodywork practice that is incredibly deep and focused, done sequentially over a series of sessions, each focusing on one specific body part.

Pablo Tobón Uribe: The Hospital With Soul

Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe is one of the best hospitals in Medellín, and rated one of the best in all of Latin America.

Experiencing Ayahuasca in Colombia

Ayahuasca (also referred to as Yage by Paisas in Colombia) is a tea composed of the vine Banisteriopsis caapi and chacruna or chagropanga (DMT).