The Best Places to Run a Mile in Laureles

The Best Places to Run a Mile in Laureles
Are you up for the challenge?

Running is one of the easiest ways to burn calories and stay fit. You don’t need any equipment except for a pair of running shoes, water, and some good music to help you stay focused. 

Laureles, Medellin is a unique tourist destination spot in Columbia. It’s packed with good restaurants to try, comfortable hotels to stay in, and must-see vacation spots. And let’s not forget that there are also running spots perfect for jogging a mile or two. 

If you want to stay active and fit while vacationing in Medellin. We got you covered. In this blog, we’ll be sharing the best places and routes for running in Laureles. Let’s get started. 

Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana 

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This is a top recommendation. Most joggers love running laps around this university because it’s safe and free from fast-speeding cars that can put you in danger. Also, you don’t need to worry about crossing the traffic and encountering distractions that can slow you down. 

The distance of the entire UPB loop is nearly a mile, making it a perfect running spot. It also has a separate biking lane, so you don’t have to worry about bumping into bikers and causing accidents. 

The only downside with UPB is that it gets packed in the morning and late afternoon. Since it’s a school, expect diverse groups of students to rush to reach their classes while running. But we think this is much better than experiencing minor accidents because of car traffic. 

Estadio, Medellin

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Estadio is another place in Laureles ideal for recreational activities. This includes sports and running. It’s a decent and safe neighborhood. Inside Estadio is Atanasio Girardot Sports Complex. This stadium is a versatile location where you can do lots of activities. 

The Atanasio Girardot Sports Complex is one of the top locations in Laureles for a run. Most track and field athletes train and improve their skills in this sports complex. The best part about running inside the stadium is the sports massage you can try. 

While sports massages are not free, they are still worth your penny. They can help relieve muscle tension and fatigue from overtraining. You must run two laps if you wish to reach a one-mile jog. One lap is only half a mile. 

LA 70 

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If you want shorter distances, try checking out LA 70. One entire running trail is around 1 km. So if you wish to jog for a mile, you might need to run around for at least two cycles. LA 70 starts from Estadio metro station to the UPB entrance. 

Don’t run in the evening if you want to experience a smooth job. It’s more crowded, and there are more cars as well. Switch to a morning jog when LA 70 is calmer with fewer pedestrians, bikers, and vehicles. You can also continue your jog from this place to the stadium in Estadios. 

The River Tributaries

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The River Tributaries feature Quebrada La Picacha and Quebrada La Picacha. When you want to job while inhaling fresh air and appreciating nature, you might choose these running locations. 

If you ask me, it’s more traffic and stressful to run along Quebrada La Hueso because it’s a major street. It’s more peaceful in Quebrada La Pichacha. But remember that its sidewalks can become packed with people, especially on weekends. 

It’s also advisable that you jog in the morning or during the late afternoon. People are fewer, especially bikers. And it’s better than running in the evening when it’s darker and unsafer. 

Parques del Rio

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Parques del Rio is a great location to jog when you’re with family. The park is huge, and everything feels fresh and warm. It’s a nice running spot when you want to be one with nature in Medellin. 

Because it’s a large park, you won’t easily get bored with the running path. You don’t need to repeat the same old laps because there are several road twists and turns you can try while running. The best part is that you can run with a partner or two, and you won’t feel lost. 

What most locals love about jogging here is getting coffee or snacks after. Parques del Rio offers relaxing spots where you can chill and hang out after a mile jog. You don’t need to worry about cars crossing because it’s a park. 

Even though this park can get crowded, don’t expect to bump into people. Parques del Rio is an entire road map, so you can create a jogging trail without crossing paths with most of the people. 

Primer Parque de Laureles×720-1.jpeg

Another park where you can jog is Primer Parque de Laureles. It offers a refreshing location to exercise and jog. Several tall trees contribute to providing fresh air so that you don’t get tired quickly from jogging. 

The only downside with Laureles’ first park is its short running trail. It only consists of a quarter of a mile. So if you wish to complete an entire mile, you must repeat several laps, which can be boring. 

But if you want to be adventurous, you can try running along the bike paths. They can connect you to nearby jogging areas, giving you a change of scenery. Expect more intersections you must stop at. But it’s rewarding when you discover more cool running spots in Laureles. 

Stay Active and Jog All You Can In Laureles

While jogging outside is never the safest thing to do, it’s an enjoyable activity you must try doing in Laureles, Medellin. Running helps you stay fit and allows you to discover beautiful spots in Laureles worth visiting. 

Jogging in unfamiliar places also allows you to meet and interact with new people. Who knows? You might find a running friend who can accompany you whenever you need to jog for a breather?

Try the running spots we mentioned in this blog, and find the perfect location where you can run free. Don’t forget to follow traffic rules and avoid fast-speeding cars. Always prioritize your safety to prevent unwanted accidents that can change your life forever. 

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