10 Steps to Safe Cycling in Medellín

Editor’s Note: The Following is a guest post by Denise Nelson Cycling in Medellín, Colombia is a beautiful experience. The city has a true value for the nature that surrounds it, as well as the immaculate architecture. This city holds an enormous amount of history, which is perfect for any cyclist to engage in the […]

Road Cycling Routes Around Medellín

There are many road cycling routes around Medellin. Here are some of the roads traveled by guest blogger Alan.

Finca Chill Out Retreat in San Jerónimo

Ximena tells us about her time at the Finca Chill Out Retreat in San Jerónimo and how you can be at the next one.

Dancefree Salsa and Bachata School

Dancefree Dance School offers salsa and bachata classes to anyone from beginners to experts – a great way to boost confidence and get dancing.

The Medellín Cricket Club

Cricket has come to Medellín, yes cricket. Learn about the Medellín Cricket Club and their first ever game against Bogotá.

What I Miss About Poker in Medellín

This article identifies the Top 3 Countries to play poker at in Latin America, and explains what the author miss about playing poker in Medellín, Colombia.

An Interactive Flower Tour with Casa de Colombia and Entre Flores

On their new tour in La Ceja, Entre Flores offers guests an interactive learning experience and a chance to get to know Colombia’s incredible biodiversity.

Sudamericana Final 2014: A Celebration at La 70

Ryan takes in the raucous atmosphere along La 70 to watch the Sudamericana Final 2014 between Colombia’s Atlético Nacional and Argentina’s River Plate.

El Balcón De Los Artistas: A Passion for Dance

Located in the Manrique neighborhood, El Balcón de Los Artistas offers group and private dance instruction.

Taking to the Mountains with Colombian Bike Junkies

A one-day downhill mountain biking tour to Santa Fe de Antioquia with Colombian Bike Junkies in Medellín.