La Familia Naranja (Los Gringos de Envigado FC)

La Familia Naranja (Los Gringos de Envigado FC) is a soccer fan club created by foreigners to build local support for the Envigado FC soccer team.

Learning to Skydive in Colombia

Hans-Peter A. Porup shares his experience learning to skydive in Colombia, along with a recommended jump school should you want to go skydiving too.

Over the Hills: Cycling in Medellin, Colombia

Cycling in Medellin, Colombia has reached critical mass, and is second only to soccer in terms of national sports. In Medellin, expect lots of hills.

Learning Bachata with Santo Baile

Dave’s experience learning to dance bachata in Medellin, Colombia. Here he presents a video of what he learned after 7 to 8 hours of private lessons.

Volcom’s In Color Latin America Skate Tour Hits Medellin

On November 19, the Volcom In Color Latin America Skate Tour featuring David Gonzalez arrived in Medellin for a demo at the Estadio Skatepark.

Travelocity’s Let’s Roam Colombia

Let’s Roam Colombia is a series of web videos from Courtney Scott’s visit to the country in 2013. Episodes include Medellin, Cartagena, Salento and Bogota.

Carlos Gardel Tour: Discovering the History of Tango in Medellin

The Carlos Gardel Tour, offered by Zorba Travel, takes visitors on a journey to discover the history of tango in Medellin, Colombia.

Top 5 Extreme Activities in Colombia

A quick list of five extreme activities in Colombia, including whitewater rafting, paragliding, rappelling down waterfalls, windsurfing, and scuba diving.


Santo Baile: Best Place to Learn Colombian Style Salsa in Medellin

Dave’s experience learning Colombian style salsa at Santo Baile, a dance studio in the upscale Poblado neighborhood of Medellin.