About Ximena

Born in Manizales, raised in the US, Ximena loves writing about the space in between her two cultures.

The Women Entrepreneurs of Medellín: A Group Moving Women, Ideas and Businesses

The Women Entrepreneurs of Medelliín group has over four hundred members and constant meetups to bring local and foreign women together to share and develop ideas and create a community!

Co-Aprender: A New Event Going Beyond Language Exchange

Co-Aprender, a new language exchange in the city, is filling the gap of exchanges with their twice-per-month events pairing attendees according to fluency.

AcroYoga in Medellín and The Upcoming Primavera Event

AcroYoga Medellín has been practiced for years and has a growing community! They’re having an event in April with two workshops created for all levels.

Barchiquita: Medellín’s Kitsch Bar

Barchiquita is a cocktail bar, a museum of experiences from diva goddess fictional character, Chiquita’s travels and extravagant life.

The Studio: A Social Movement Built on Organic Networking

The Studio isn’t a place, it’s not a destination, it’s a way of life inspired by the desire to create a community of young professionals and creatives in Medellín.

Cocolatte: The Coffee Shop Envigado Was Waiting For

Cocolatte is the coffee shop Envigado was in desperate need of. With great coffee, pet friendly, good wifi, central location, what else do you need?

El Dorado Spanish School: Spanish Classes Designed for You

El Dorado Spanish School is located in Envigado and was founded three years ago by a Colombian-Polish couple, Robinson and Ewa.

The Secret Valley of La Samaria

La Samaria is the well-kept secret wax-palm valley that Paisa weekenders flock to and for good reason.

Göra: Medellín’s First Open Downtown Makerspace

Göra is a new makerspace downtown made for creatives, innovators, artists and curious people in Medellín. They provide equipment to build your ideas.

Siembra Coworking on Calle 10

Siembra is a new coworking space located on Calle 10 in Poblado, near cafes, restaurants and public transportation. They’ve been open for almost two months and are focused on intercultural, interdisciplinary coworking that leads to better networking, connections, and work environments.