El Gran Clóset: Cocreating in a Community


After reading our article about the coworking house in Laureles that I work at, one of our readers recommended we look into El Gran Clóset, located in the same Laureles-Estadio area. I was immediately intrigued because the name translates to The Great Closet, or The Large Closet, not a typical co-working space name, but one which after visiting I definitely understand.

I reached out to them to schedule an appointment and made my way there knowing very little about them beforehand, I wanted to see it all for myself and I came out after with lots to share.

el gran closet 4
A shared space for sewing and creating at El Gran Clóset

What is El Gran Clóset?

El Gran Clóset is a new coworking house near Estadio Station that began, as a design house, nine months ago with four partners who own a clothing brand and had used the space for one of their two annual high seasons. When recently faced with the option of closing down and moving out or allowing other people to use the space, the choice was clear. Just over a month ago, they started the new adventure of being a co-working sewing house.

Though they define themselves as coworking for sewing or couture, this space is ready for a wide variety of start-ups and projects:

“El Gran Clóset is the first couture coworking space in Medellín. It’s an ideal area for designers and fashion aficionados that want to be completely immersed in the development and productive process of their brand. Here, we provide the space and resources to make your brand shine.

We have cutting tables and special machinery for the production of clothing and also provide spaces you can use for meetings with clients, as well as events where you can spread your ideas. We’ll also have courses and workshops on molding, cutting, sewing, crafts and commercial mentoring that will help you expand your project.”

Imagine any coworking space you’ve seen or read about in Medellín before. You’ll think: wifi, seating, a kitchenette, offices, perhaps, common areas, etc. What if the area wasn’t just for working next to and with each other, but rather for creating together? What if the person next to you wasn’t working on the next internet start-up, but rather on a whole brand of accessories or clothing, or any other type of textiles, so common in Medellín? This is the first co-working space of its kind the city.

A course taking place at El Gran Clóset
A course taking place at El Gran Clóset

Mentoring. Machinery, and Resources, Oh My!

Right now there are several offices available, all with cutting tables and machines, as well common-space coworking spots, meaning you go and use the areas for sewing, cutting, and finishing your projects, as needed.

The founders have experience in the field so they’re well equipped to mentor you through your project, whether you need to know where to purchase fabrics or need help with marketing, confection or any other part of the process, chances are, they know a guy (or girl) and can walk you through every step of the way.

At this point, two different brands are buing created in the space, benefitting from all the services and tools available to them to reach their full potential.

One of the spaces being used by a creative coworker and her stylish cat.
One of the officess used for cocreation by a creative coworker and her stylish cat.


Your options for plans are the following :

  • Office + Workshop (649,000 COP- about $214): includes private office for your brand with desks, design table, use of workshop with machines and tools, access to data bases of contacts, a spot for your sales in the showroom, personal mentoring in production and business, use of conference room, discount on workshops and other events.
  • Coworking spot +Workshop (399,000 COP- $331): Enjoy a shared workspace, use of the workshop with machines and tools, acess to data bases, a spot for your sales in the showroom, personal mentoring in production and business, use of conference room, discount on workshops and other events.
  • Coworking spot (299,000 COP – $98) Enjoy a shared workspace, a spot for sales in the showroom, use of the conference room and discounts on workshops and events.
  • Virtual Co-working (149,000 COP- $49) Includes 10 hours of use of the workshop with machinery and tools, a spot for sales in the showroom, personal mentoring in production and business, use of the conference room, discounts on events and workshops.

All of these prices are for monthly plans, you can also inquire about daily, and weekly rates.Not sure about it? They’re confident you’ll find your nook in your creating process, and if you go to their website you can sign up for a free two-week trial of their resources.

Fabric and clothing in a common area of El Gran Clóset
Fabric and clothing in a common area of El Gran Clóset


They have lots of events going on at the house and availability for entrepreneurs and brands to host their own events there. They don’t limit their availability to textile related events or discourse, but rather are open to all creative entrepreneurs in the city. They love the idea of having a community not just with those who work in the same field but everyone!

One of the events you’ll  want to look out for is their introduction to sewing course (in Spanish) every Wednesday (6-8 p.m.) or Saturday (9 a.m.- 12 p.m.) for 60,000 COP (about $20).

Those with children could also be interested in the vacation courses they’ll provide starting June, in which they’ll include crafts, cooking, and other activities for children (again, to interact with the community, considering they are located near two elementary schools).

A Call For Friends

Other co-working spaces, brands and entrepreneurs: get in touch! El Gran Clóset wants you to be a part of their alliances! They believe creative flow will go smoother when organizations, coworking houses and other people and spaces like these come together! They’re in touch with Ruta N, other co-working spaces like La Casa Redonda and are so excited to build ties and cocreate with more entrepreneurs!

Find out more about El Gran Clóset on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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