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Lessons From an Expat: 10 Things to Know Before Traveling to...

You’ve booked the flights, you’ve got your vaccinations and you’ve started telling people you’re off to Medellín – no doubt with a few frowns...

Restaurante El Viejo John: Traditional Colombian Food in Sabaneta

Jeff takes us to El Viejo John, one of the most popular restaurants in Sabaneta, specializing in Antioquian cuisine, including bandeja paisa.

J&C Delicias: Gourmet Arepas with Everything

J&C Delicias specializes in gourmet arepas, which can be topped with just about anything. The restaurant has over a dozen locations in and around Medellín.

Mercados Campesinos Medellín: Supporting Local Farmers and Entrepreneurs

Each Sunday in Parque La Presidenta in El Poblado, you can buy fresh produce and other goods direct from local farmers at Mercados Campesinos Medellín.

Buying a Lechona, Typical Colombian Food for Parties

Everyone in Colombia appears to like lechona, which is a pig stuffed with rice, peas, spices and meat. Lechonas are popular at large parties in Colombia.

Edelweiss Helados Artesanales: A Noble Quest for Gelato in Barrio Manila

Edel Eis is a German-owned gelato shop located in Poblado's Barrio Manila.