About Leah Davis

Leah Davis is a social media consultant, freelance writer and travel blogger currently living in the Pacific Northwest, and working wherever there's WiFi, good coffee, and a nice view. She's a staunch proponent of the work-from-anywhere lifestyle and blogs about her location independent adventures at The Sweetest Way. You can also follow her travel updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Parque de La Floresta: A Calm Oasis in a Bustling Urban Center

Parque de La Floresta is a charming, relaxing oasis in the bustling urban zone of La America.

Leah’s Do’s and Don’ts of Carnaval de Barranquilla

Leah lays out a handy list of Do’s and Don’ts to consider when attending the second largest Carnival celebration in the world, Carnaval de Barranquilla.

Mercados Campesinos Medellín: Supporting Local Farmers and Entrepreneurs

Each Sunday in Parque La Presidenta in El Poblado, you can buy fresh produce and other goods direct from local farmers at Mercados Campesinos Medellín.

Mall Zona Dos: A Day of Shopping in El Poblado

Mall Zona Dos, located in the hills of El Poblado, offers boutique fashion stores, unique dining options and a wide variety of services.

A Tour of Historical Santa Fe de Antioquia with Medellín City Services

Touring colonial Santa Fe de Antioquia for a history lesson with Medellín City Services.

La Palettería: Best Ice Cream in Medellín?

La Palettería is a popular ice cream shop serving up creative flavors that are enjoyed by locals and foreigners alike.

Edificio Inteligente EPM: A Model of Progress and Innovation

Edificio Inteligente EPM, Medellín’s public utilities services headquarters, is dedicated to improving the city through social and community projects.

Pizzería Olivia: An Upscale Pizza Experience in Envigado

Pizzeria Olivia, with locations in Envigado, Poblado and Laureles, offers a fine dining experience, excellent pizza, strong sangria, and delicious desserts.

An Interactive Flower Tour with Casa de Colombia and Entre Flores

On their new tour in La Ceja, Entre Flores offers guests an interactive learning experience and a chance to get to know Colombia’s incredible biodiversity.

Edelweiss Helados Artesanales: A Noble Quest for Gelato in Barrio Manila

Edel Eis is a German-owned gelato shop located in Poblado’s Barrio Manila.