About Jeff

Jeff first discovered Colombia back in 2006 and has traveled to all the major cities in Colombia. He is fortunate to have lived over seven years in Medellín. He is also studying Spanish to become fluent.

12 Best Burgers in Medellín: The Best Burger Places in Town

Best burgers Medellín

We look at where to find the best burgers in Medellín. Forget fast food, there are many good burger restaurants in Medellín.

2017 Update: How to Buy and Use Colombian Cell Phones

Colombian cell phones

Regulations have changed in Colombia so we update a very popular article about how buy and use Colombian cell phones.

2017 Update: Medellín Cost of Living for a Couple

Medellín Cost of Living

The Colombian peso exchange rate has improved compared to the period before 2015, making the Medellín cost of living now cheaper in terms of US dollars.

Join the Medellín Living June Meetup at Sport Wings at Mayorca Mall

Medellín Living June Meetup at Sport Wings

We want to invite you to the Medellín Living June meetup event taking place on June 8, 2017 at Sport Wings at Mayorca Mall in Sabaneta.

Weather and Climate in Medellín: The City of Eternal Spring

Smart phone with weather forecast

We look at the weather in Medellín in detail including temperature range, temperature in different neighborhoods, typical rainfall and humidity in the city.

8 Best Hospitals in Medellín – Quality Healthcare at Low Cost

Clínica las Américas, photo by SajoR

Medellín has 8 of the best hospitals in all of Latin America, alleviating a concern for retirees and positioning the city well for medical tourism.

Pollution in Medellín: a Major Concern for Expats Living in the City

Pollution in Medellín

We look at the facts about pollution in Medellín, which is a major concern of expats living in the city.

Papa Johns Pizza Opens in Envigado

Papa Johns Envigado

Papa Johns Pizza recently opened its third restaurant in the Medellín metro area located in Envigado. But other US-based chains are also expanding.

How to Obtain a Colombia Retirement Visa – Requirements and Cost

Retirement visa

The Colombia Retirement Visa has a low-income requirement and is intended for people with a retirement income and it’s easy to get.

Mama Santa Parrillada: My Favorite Steakhouse in Sabaneta

Mama Santa in Sabaneta

Jeff takes us south to Mama Santa, a popular steakhouse with good steaks located in Sabaneta.