The Best CrossFit Gyms in Medellín

CrossFit, the sport that took the world by storm, has arrived in Colombia too. Here we highlight some of the best CrossFit gyms in Medellín.

Bodytech Gym at Premium Plaza

Bodytech gym is a nationwide chain of high-end gyms throughout Colombia. In this post, Dave takes you inside the Premium Plaza location in Medellin.

Photo of the Week – Me and My Personal Trainer

Camilo was not shy about pushing me to work hard at Dinamo, the gym a few blocks from Maira’s apartment in Envigado. On the other hand, I’ve gotten several compliments since returning home, so apparently all the hard work has made a noticeable difference (at least in my shoulders). There are two gym chains in […]

Let’s Get Ready to Rumba

I recently renewed my gym membership at Dinamo in Envigado for a second month and began a new 8-week workout program.  Seeing results is only encouraging me to keep up the effort. It helps to be unemployed too – no excuses about lack of time! After barely saying a word to the other members in […]

Joining Dinamo Gym In Envigado

Dinamo gym is a small neighborhood gym in Envigado’s barrio La Magnolia.

Fitness Revolution

If I am going to be living in Medellin, then I need to start changing my habits. Improving my health seems like a great place to start. My first visit to the Bodytech gym went exhaustingly well. I was almost immediately greeted by one of the many personal trainers who circulate around the floor. I […]

Joining Bodytech Gym

On Friday afternoon, I walked up Calle 10 from Casa Kiwi Hostel and toured the Bodytech gym in Vizcaya. I learned of it’s proximity from a few other guys in the hostel who had been working out there during the week, though I saw them in Bogota as well. It was big, and all the […]