Joining Bodytech Gym


    On Friday afternoon, I walked up Calle 10 from Casa Kiwi Hostel and toured the Bodytech gym in Vizcaya.

    I learned of it’s proximity from a few other guys in the hostel who had been working out there during the week, though I saw them in Bogota as well.

    It was big, and all the equipment looked fairly new. The cost was 30,000 pesos per day, or 80,000 pesos per week.

    While this is more expensive than your typical gym in the USA, as an added benefit, you receive a medical consult and workout program from one of the five personal trainers on staff, plus you are free to attend scheduled classes such as spinning, kickboxing, and rumba!

    I might be jumping the gun by buying a week’s access, however if I am going to be living in Medellin, I think the boost in energy from working out regularly will help with my job search and the development of this site.

    As much as my mind would like to sit at a computer all day, my body needs its breaks every few hours.

    Plus, it might be a great way to meet more Colombians.

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