Photo of the Week – Me and My Personal Trainer

Me and Camilo, one of the trainers at Dinamo gym
Me and Camilo, one of the trainers at Dinamo gym

Camilo was not shy about pushing me to work hard at Dinamo, the gym a few blocks from Maira’s apartment in Envigado.

On the other hand, I’ve gotten several compliments since returning home, so apparently all the hard work has made a noticeable difference (at least in my shoulders).

There are two gym chains in Medellin – Bodytech (most expensive) and Forma (slightly less so).

Dinamo, to my knowledge, is just a single location, neighborhood gym.  By the time the Forma opened in Envigado, despite its extra space and new equipment, I was at home at Dinamo.

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  1. Lookin good dave. When do you plan on going back to Colombia ? Im hitting up SE Asia for four months pretty soon … How much did it cost per month at that gym ?

    • Hey Kyle, I’m actually going back to Colombia Sept 26 to Oct 8 really quick, as long as there are no issues getting a Visa.

      Dinamo gym was 100,000 pesos the first month – so maybe $50, and then 80,000 each additional ($40).

      SE Asia will be a lot of fun! I’m about ready to head back to Thailand.