Let’s Get Ready to Rumba


I recently renewed my gym membership at Dinamo in Envigado for a second month and began a new 8-week workout program.  Seeing results is only encouraging me to keep up the effort. It helps to be unemployed too – no excuses about lack of time!

After barely saying a word to the other members in the first month, I began to make a concerted effort to introduce myself.  It turns out that for the most part, if I break the ice, then friendly small talk ensues.  As a result, I feel like I am becoming a part of their little community, and it is another reason I look forward to kicking my butt into shape for 2 hours every day.

Last week, in an effort to be more proactive about becoming a better dancer, I took my first rumba class, which is basically dance aerobics to salsa music (and probably a few other tropical genres).  I felt far less self-conscious than the time I tried the samba class at Bodytech in El Poblado a few months ago.  Maybe it was because I was in a more familiar environment, or just more intent on becoming healthier and better at dancing, regardless of how silly I think I might look.

One person that certainly didn’t look silly was the instructor.  He was all over the place in an exaggerated way, however I did my best to keep up.  Some of the moves were straight out of hip-hop videos and probably not meant for guys, or children for that matter.  Even some of the women laughed at what we were expected to mimic.  A day or two later, Maira told me that Camilo, my trainer, commented to her that I was doing well – a better dancer than him (jokingly, I’m sure).  And Maira complimented me too, which means I must be on the right track!

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