Finding A Dentist At Clinica Las Vegas


Due for a regular teeth cleaning at the dentist, I asked Maira for a recommendation and she suggested the same place she uses, Clinica Las Vegas.

Conveniently located along Las Vegas Avenue between EAFIT and the Poblado metro station, I decided to check it out.

I walked in the entrance, and the guard was able to point me in the general direction of the dentist(s).

The clinic was much bigger than I realized, hosting a variety of medical professions including cardiology, plastic surgery (popular here), dermatology and ophthalmology, in addition to dentistry (regular and cosmetic) and oral surgery.

I stepped into the nice reception office of Oral Laser and inquired about a regular cleaning (in Spanish of course).

The receptionist called for another woman who spoke a little English.  She then lead me to a different office, where I asked about the cost (about $27).

They had time to see me on the spot, so I took a seat and read an interview with actor/comedian John Leguizamo, who I learned is from Colombia, and just bought a new home in Cartagena.

After about ten minutes, the English-speaking dentist, Mauricio A. Gomez Correal, brought me into the back.  My first response upon seeing the room where I would be having my teeth cleaned was “beautiful.”

It was clean, the chair and equipment looked new, and one whole wall had windows allowing for lots of natural light and a pleasant feel to the room.

I told Mauricio he was only the third dentist in 16 years to work on my teeth, the other having just been 6 months ago in Thailand.

He gave a chuckle, and asked me what I wanted done.  I asked for a simple check-up to ensure no cavities, and a cleaning.

Thankfully, I was cavity-free, as my dental habits on the road have not always been the best.

The cleaning was done using an ultrasound device, which was a first for me, and while my face seemed to be sprayed with more water than usual, the results were on par, if not better, than my cleanings in the United States.

And in a sign that dentists worldwide are conspiring together, I was told to floss more often.

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  1. I think I paid about $20 for a routine cleaning and flouride treatment in a random dentists’ office in Chiang Mai.  Quality was comparable, but the Medellin office was part of a big medical complex, and a bit bigger and nicer.  🙂

  2. Martin,

    I have been living here for over four years and been using Juan Carlos Mejia for all my dental needs. I have received everything from routine cleanings to root canals and recently replaced a front tooth crown (not easy to do with the coloring) that I am extremely pleased with. He speaks perfect English and his prices are reasonable. I highly recommend him. See contact info below.

    Juan Carlos Mejia
    Telephone: (57) 4- 4484847
    Carulla Las Palmas, Oficina 330

  3. If you don’t need a dentist in Medellin, Gloria Pavas ( has been a licensed dental hygienist in Medellin for the past 18 years. She speaks enough English and is less expensive that many others. She works out of Clinica Medellin/Poblado and, if need be, can refer you to English-speaking dentists for cosmetic and other specialties. Highly recommended! Check out her Facebook page (http://www.facebook/oralhygienistmedellin) or blog (