Colombian Dating: 18 Great Places to Take a Date

18 places to take a date in Medellin, including restaurants, cafes, and places for drinks and dancing.

The 10 Best Places to Take a Date

Ryan shares his 10 best places to take a date in Medellín, some of which you likely know already, but others that might still be a secret to most.

Cameo Teatro Club: House Music Has a Home

Cameo Teatro Club offers the best house music with the finest DJs from across Colombia, producing an electric atmosphere that is hard to beat.

Medellin Events: February

A list of Medellin Events for February 2014, including local concerts, sporting events, meet-ups, and more.

Karma Discoteca – A Sunday Evening Hotspot

Karma Discoteca is a popular spot in Barrio Colombia, and one of the best places to go out on a Sunday night in Medellin.

Pole Dancing with the Ladies of Medellin

Pole dancing is one of the hottest physical exercises around.  And, there is no better place to see it, experience it or dream about it than in the land of some of the hottest ladies.  Even as a woman, I know that Colombian women are some of the most beautiful women in the world.  And, […]

The Difference Between Academy Dancing and Club Dancing

So there is club dancing and there is Academy dancing.  Let me explain the difference. I have been going to the clubs that everyone goes to on Tuesdays and Thursdays and have been feeling quite dejected since, afterall, my goal in traveling through South America was to learn every dance style possible. And, Tuesdays at […]

Learn Salsa in Colombia

I met Benny (Fluent in 3 Months) when he arrived in Medellin last November for a 2-month stay in Colombia. He wanted to learn salsa in Colombia, so I referred him to my teacher, Yamile, at the dance studio I’ve used the last few years. In the first part of the video, you’ll see footage […]

We Love Carlos Gardel

One of the nice things about having traveled through most South American countries, and getting to spend big chunks of time in each one is that you start noticing and recognizing similarities between them. In the 18 months since I left Europe I’ve spent the most time in Argentina and Colombia, two countries that culturally […]

Garage Dance Party

I’ve been working out at a small gym near my apartment in Envigado.  Knowing I was dancer, Hermes, one of the personal trainers, invited me to go to a garage party up the hill from Poblado.  The club is at a place called Auditorium Plaza.  It is basically a warehouse that’s set up for huge […]