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Colombian Dating: 18 Great Places to Take a Date

18 places to take a date in Medellin, including restaurants, cafes, and places for drinks and dancing.

The 10 Best Places to Take a Date

Ryan shares his 10 best places to take a date in Medellín, some of which you likely know already, but others that might still be a secret to most.

Cameo Teatro Club: House Music Has a Home

Cameo Teatro Club offers the best house music with the finest DJs from across Colombia, producing an electric atmosphere that is hard to beat.

Son Havana 4th Anniversary

Come celebrate the 4th birthday of Son Havana, one of the city's best salsa clubs. Enjoy live music with Son K'maron and Diego Gale...

Ballet de Moscu Sobre Hielo

Olympic gold medalist Natalia Bestimianova combines ballet and figure skating in her show, which started in her native Russia.

Medellin Bar Crawl

Every Wednesday, when a lot of people are trying to find something fun to do, the Medellin Bar Crawl gives you that option. *The bar...

Son Havana Live Salsa Music

Come by to see a live salsa band. You'll be happy you did. *Note: Son Havana will not be open on the Thursday and Saturday...

Medellin Events: February

A list of Medellin Events for February 2014, including local concerts, sporting events, meet-ups, and more.

Karma Discoteca – A Sunday Evening Hotspot

Karma Discoteca is a popular spot in Barrio Colombia, and one of the best places to go out on a Sunday night in Medellin.

Pole Dancing with the Ladies of Medellin

Pole dancing is one of the hottest physical exercises around.  And, there is no better place to see it, experience it or dream about...