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Frozen in Spring Time: Freezing My Eggs at inSer Fertility Center

One American woman’s experience with medical tourism in Medellín, Colombia, specifically a procedure to freeze her eggs at InSer Fertility Center.

Bowling Anyone?

We were riding our bikes on a Saturday afternoon, when suddenly the skies opened and it began to rain and we needed somewhere to take cover and quickly. Luckily, Itor remembered a place where his dad used to take him and his sisters more than 18 years ago and we were only a few blocks […]

The 33rd International Theater Festival of Manizales

I have been studying with a private tutor, reading books, listening to the radio, watching movies and attempting conversations with several people at my job, but nothing was about to prepare me for the 10 hours per day of Spanish I was about to encounter at my 5-day Spanish-speaking doula course in Manizales. But, as […]

A Surprisingly Good Time at a Hole In the Wall Bar

Saturday Night – Fonda de la 65 with San Juan (44) Many places that have been reviewed are joints that can be considered “hot spots”.  Clubs where you can find attractive women, salsa dancing, fancy food that tastes OK, but costs a fortune and listen to live music. But this is where the upscale locals […]

Shopping at Home Center

If you just got to Medellín or have been living here and feel like you need a little change of home décor, the Home Center is the place to go.  It has everything you need in one massive building from cups and plates to carpets and paint. Seriously, I haven’t had this much fun shopping […]

De Ida y Vuelta at Restaurant Herbario

I have been to several place since arriving in Medellin.  But, De Ida y Vuelta is by far the best cultural find so far. Restaurant Herbario in Poblado, owned by two long-time friends by the name of Carlos, who are also the owners of Bonuar near the Museum of Modern Art was an experience unlike […]

Pole Dancing with the Ladies of Medellin

Pole dancing is one of the hottest physical exercises around.  And, there is no better place to see it, experience it or dream about it than in the land of some of the hottest ladies.  Even as a woman, I know that Colombian women are some of the most beautiful women in the world.  And, […]

How to Get a Work Visa in Colombia

Editor’s Note: For more up-to-date information on obtaining a work visa, please visit this post published June 2013. Falling in love with Colombia and its people is easy, staying here is a little more difficult. Unless you want to visit the DAS office every month, the best way to stay in Colombia is to study, […]

Paisa Slang: Common Spanish Phrases in Medellin

No matter how much Spanish you learned in 10th grade, or how long you’ve lived in a South American city, when you pick up and travel to a new place, you will be confronted with new sayings and phrases particular to that country, region, city and culture. Here’s some key paisa slang you’ll hear friends […]

Doulas in Colombia

Are you planning on living in Colombia and having a family?  Are you unsure about the type of support systems available for women and men throughout pregnancy? Then read on, this message is for you. September will mark the first doula course ever to be held in Colombia.  One course will be held in Bogota, […]