About Lisa

Lisa Eldridge is a travel writer and self-confessed travel addict currently living in Medellín. Her background in the travel industry fueled her passion to see the world and since the age of twenty one, she has travelled extensively as a solo traveller, living and working in numerous countries. Her aim is to make solo travel easier for females through her website, Girl About the Globe.

SkyBar: The Bar With A View in Parque Lleras

Located in the center of Parque Lleras, SkyBar is currently undergoing major rennovations, after which it is set to become one of the coolest places in Medellín.

360 Bistró: A Gastronomic Journey in San Fernando Plaza

Located in San Fernando Plaza, in the heart of Poblado, the Parisian-inspired 360 Bistró offers a touch of sophistication in everything they do.

Dancefree: Group Salsa and Bachata Lessons

Dancefree offers group salsa & bachata classes every evening from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Private lessons are also available.

Chilaquiles: A Taste of Mexico

Serving traditional Mexican cuisine with some of the food imported from the Aztec nation, Chilaquiles has a comprehensive menu and unique location.

An Introduction to Cumbia

Originating along Colombia’s Caribbean coast, cumbia is the heartbeat of Latin America, and one of the region’s most popular music genres.

An Introduction to Porro

Porro is a type of music that is part of the cumbia ensemble, which is made up of four different types of music: cumbia, gaita, puya and porro.

Medellín Beer Factory: The Kings of Beer

The Medellín Beer Factory offers a proper pub feel including wooden tables and chairs and over 55 types of domestic craft and imported beers.

Alta Gracia: From Coffee Shop to Chic Bar

Visit during the day and this is just another coffee shop in the area of Poblado but after 8pm Alta Gracia comes alive with house beats.

La 33: A Nightlife District West of the River

Situated near Laureles and La 70 west of the Medellín river, La 33 is a nightlife district without the throngs of tourists and foreigners found in Poblado.

An Introduction to Vallenato

Vallenato originates from Caribbean villages in the Valledupar region of Colombia. Carlos Vives is today’s best known vallenato singer.