Chilaquiles: A Taste of Mexico

Chilaquiles - a taste of Mexico in Medellin
The tequila flan
Chilaquiles - A Taste of Mexico in Medellín
Inside Chilaquiles

If you’re looking for a Mexican restaurant in Medellín, look no further than Chilaquiles.

Located on Las Vegas Avenue, Chilaquiles is just one of the restaurants you’ll find in Contenedores, a complex with a difference.

Contenedores are basically giant shipping containers recycled to create an outdoor dining space.

It’s architectural design is surrounded by greenery and each restaurant has its own separate squares with Chilaquiles just one of the restaurants within its three levels.

Chilaqueras, which used to be in Poblado, re-opened here along with a Chef Burger, sushi restaurant, a bar and a coffee shop all within the funky wooden paneled complex.

Chilaquiles - A Taste of Mexico in Medellín
Each restaurant has a separate section

Serving traditional Mexican cuisine with some of the food imported from the Aztec nation, they have a comprehensive menu and whether you fancy an enchilada or quesadilla you’re guaranteed a slap up meal all with a Mexican flavor. It’s not too pricey, either.

Tacos are amongst the cheapest items at just 16,000 pesos ($8) or choose a tasty burrito from 19,500 pesos ($9.50).

One of the house specials is Chilaquiles red or green which comes with tortilla chips in a salsa with onions, melted cheese, homemade cream, egg and a choice of two sauces.

Or you can choose a quesadilla de sonora for 19,500 ($9.50) or a enchilada rojas, verdes with corn tortillas and chicken and double cream for 21,900 ($10.50).

Chilaquiles - a taste of Mexico in Medellin
One of the dishes at Chilaquiles

If you don’t know much about Mexican food and are bamboozled by the options, order the tasting menu.

According to the website, Chilaquiles is part of the slow food movement which allows diners to eat carefully to savor the quality of the ingredients and flavors.

Choosing this tasting menu, which includes five courses and a drink, allows you to do just that.

Chilaquiles - a taste of Mexico in Medellin
One of the sample dishes

The tasting menu includes small portions of some of the restaurant’s most popular dishes, such as taco tenderloin and a chicken enchilada.

The dishes come out one by one, with the main dish being a chilaquiles, the dish the restaurant is named after.

A chilaquiles is a Mexican dish made from corn tortillas, salsa and cheese and it is served in a larger portion than the rest.

But the best dish has to be the finale, a tequila flan and almond cake originally from Yucatan. It is sweet and orange-flavored.

The idea here is to take your time. Eating all dishes can take anything from 45 minutes to as long as you desire, and all for just 40,000 pesos ($20).

Chilaquiles - a taste of Mexico in Medellin
The tequila flan

You can’t go to a Mexican restaurant without having a Mexican beverage, so as well as the standard margaritas from 13,000 pesos ($6.50) for a traditional or fruit one, you can also find a Mojito Chialquiles with tequila, strawberry and lemon for the same price.

But the best thing about Chilaquiles are their sauces. From mild to very, very hot, they are homemade and once you’ve got a taste of one at the restaurant, you can buy your own to take home with you to re-create the flavors in your own home.

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