Cameo Teatro Club: House Music Has a Home

Cameo Teatro Club - House Delicious
Outside the club
Cameo Teatro Club - House Delicious
Outside Cameo Theatro

It was called ‘House Delicious’ and it certainly lived up to its name.

Offering mouth-watering delights, Cameo Teatro Club in Medellín promised an evening full of electronic beats and music guaranteed to get the Medellín crowd on their feet.

On August 22nd, the crème de la crème of electronic producers in Colombia took to the DJ booth in this intimate club located in Barrio Colombia. From as far away as Villavicencio, we saw DJ Demon take to the stage.

From Bogota, the venue welcomed Andrés Santhos (official DJ of Matineé Colombia), Steven Kass and Alxx (club140 resent Bogotá).

And then Medellín’s own Jose Galvis, Pablo Moreno, and Riskman whose birthday celebrations coincided with her set.

Cameo Teatro Club - House Delicious
Ready for a night of electronic beats

Feeling slightly underdressed (word of warning, if you go here, you need to dress the part), the red carpet was out in force just waiting for my black heels to adorn it.

Still getting used to the paisa fashion, the rule of thumb is “less is more” so wearing black shiny leggings and a long vest top was hiding too much flesh, and I definitely felt like a foreigner not being aware of women’s fashion in Medellín.

Having only ever experienced salsa and reggaeton clubs in Medellín, this was definitely more my scene.

Apart from the outdoor electronica music festival a few months earlier, I had yet to sample my favorite music in the city. I was ready for a night of breakbeats, bass and thumping house tunes.

Steel columns and psychedelic lights greeted me and although it was already 10:30 p.m. there was just a handful of people in the club, discreetly moving to the extra loud beats. Standing at the bar I could barely hear the bartender as I shouted across asking for the specials.

Being used to drink promotions in other bars, I was surprised to discover that there weren’t any and that the cheapest option was going to cost me 80,000 pesos ($41) for a small bottle of vodka. But, this was a top-notch club and hand in hand with any premium night, comes premium prices.

Cameo Teatro Club - House Delicious
Dj turn up the beats

Within minutes of being there, my feet were tapping to the music and I was shouting “I know this one!” to my fellow chica as tunes from my clubbing days in England were being blasted out across the floor from the DJ booth above.

More classics followed, mixed in with harder tracks such as Mammoth by Dimitri Vegas.

For Colombian DJs, I was impressed by their mixing skills, especially DJ Demon whose smooth transitions from track to track kept the paisas bopping to the beats.

Having seen some really poor DJs in my time, I was surprised at the skill this country had for mixing house music. DJ Demon is so popular that his music has even appeared in Mastercard commercials (apparently you can hire him for weddings too).

Cameo Teatro Club
Cameo definitely puts on a show

This was house music at its best, and I felt as though I had been transported to a venue in London, with beautiful people, an amazing sound system and a floor that just called out to danced upon.

Forget SE1, the End or Heaven (yes, I have sampled every London club), Medellín is definitely where it’s at for house.

There was no escaping the music here but an elevated floor along each side offered respite for your feet whilst the crowd bounced along to the base.

For such an intimate club, there was an upper VIP area on the next level which overlooked the dance floor and the dazzling display of lights.

Cameo Teatro Club
Turkish eyes watching over

Watching the psychedelic display as it shone across the ceiling and floor changing with each tune, I felt privileged to have found a place where I could be myself and dance to my heart’s content to my favorite music. My house music finally has a home…

Open until 4 a.m, expect to find beautiful people with an energy and teatro display to match.

Cameo is situated where The End discoteca used to be, around the corner from Luxury, and offers the best house music with the finest DJs from across Colombia, producing an electric atmosphere that is hard to beat. This is electronic music at its finest.

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  1. This sounds just awesome… I can also remember some of those clubs from my London clubbing nights. The MOD, the Buzz bar, Hammersmith odeon, even saw Guru Josh play live at one of the first underground clubs unfortunately no longer there and the name has slipped my mind, showing my age I think. Yes even though we are a bit on the older side for the clubbing scene… House music is in our blood.

    We will have to take a look one of these nights.