Joining Dinamo Gym In Envigado

Dinamo Gym

Dinamo Gym

Maira goes to the gym almost every day, so it was only a matter of time before I started to invest in a more healthy way to spend my free time.

Like its more expensive competition, Bodytech, the local Dinamo gym near our apartment in Envigado offers the services of personal trainers on the floor, ready to assist customers with their workouts.

Unlike Bodytech, or at least the location I visited in El Poblado, the equipment is a little older and the space, smaller.

But do I really need 50 channels of cable TV on my treadmill?  No.  I actually prefer to listen to music.



The trainer taking me under his wing is Camilo.  When I say I will be back in two days, he responds with ¨manana.¨

When I suggest just 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer, he responds with 30, and we ultimately settle on 25.

I’ve never had access to a personal trainer, and I find it very helpful.

I am probably going to be spoiled as a result, however it beats using the monthly Mens Health workout programs, and gives me at least one person I can interact with at the gym.

Besides the health benefits, and increase in energy, it also creates a new space for me to practice my Spanish.

Counting repetitions, I try to remember to use Spanish numbers, but it is amazing how difficult a habit it is for me to develop.  And the number of times I catch myself saying diez y uno instead of once is surprising!

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Place: Dinamo Fitness

Address: Trans 29 Sur #32B-126, Envigado

Telephone: 334-1512




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  1. Hey Dave

    My first comment here. Thanks for this awesome blog btw I have read at least 40 posts while the countdown ticks.

    Headsup: the Dinamo Gym website appears to be down, I guess that means they have died.

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