My Neighborhood Outlet Store


There is a small outlet store around the corner from my apartment building, and I would often see groups of people waiting for it to open at 10 am, especially on Friday and Saturday mornings.  The one time I had ducked inside during a non-busy weekday, I found 90% of the stock geared towards women, with a few ugly XXL shirts hanging by the front window for the guys.  I didn’t think much of it as a result.

The more I went to the gym, the more I would see people anxiously and patiently awaiting the store opening.  I finally decided to go in, and when I asked a sales guy about the price of a pair of name brand, lightweight cotton pants, I could hardly believe his response.  The price tag listed them at $60, and he said they were on offer for a mere $8!  I bought them, and even adding the $5 tailoring fee because they were a bit too big, still feel like I got an amazing deal.  I can’t afford to spend too much on clothes, but after 15 months with the same pair of pants, I feel I deserve a little variety in my wardrobe.  This is especially true if I want to present myself in a professional manner to current and future English students.

This past Saturday, I decided to try and wait in line, hopeful of more great deals since they got new stock in.  After 45 minutes of waiting, I decided to call it quits just as I was standing at the front door, and would be amongst the next group to enter the store.  I was just too tired, and as the sun was rising in the sky, too hot as well.  But now I know why it is such a popular store, and I got the inside scoop on the next delivery of men’s clothes, April 1.

You can bet I will be amongst the first in line.  All is fair in bargain shopping!

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