La Taza: Mediterranean-Inspired Café In Laureles


La Taza, which translates to “the cup,” is a Mediterranean-inspired café that opened in Laureles about nine months ago. This cozy café is located near the second park of Laureles with proximity to restaurants, bars,  and design shops in the trendy area.

I can’t quite put my finger on where I heard about them, but they’ve been on the back of my mind for months! I finally made my way there and had a perfect afternoon in the process, tasting a few items off the menu and taking in their decor.

La Taza Tienda de Café

La Taza, or as you’ll find them on social media, La Taza Tienda de Café is a little Mediterranean coffee nook in Laureles by the second park. It’s small and quite aesthetic, with a perfect color palette of teal, aged wood, exposed brick and white textured walls, it’s so pleasant and welcoming that I do recommend the inside seating more than the outside.

La Taza has been around for just under a year and has people coming back for their great atmosphere, and of course, their delicious menu.

A Perfect “Taza” of Turkish Coffee

Their location is perfect for me, personally, just a 5-minute walk from my place, and close to anything I could really need. Though they open a bit later than what’s ideal for me,  (12p.m.; 1 p.m. on weekends) I really do enjoy the vibe and the variety of their drinks.

While I visited, I tried their Turkish coffee, which earns its name both in brewing method and coffee origin (Istanbul) with the baklawa. Now, I haven’t tried either of these before, I’m no expert, but I absolutely loved both, especially the contrasts of the tastes. The baklawa was not too sweet, perfectly sized, and matched the darker, earthy taste of the coffee, that got richer (not bitter, as I expected) as I got closer to the grounds that descended to the bottom.

I also ordered their masala chai, which was smooth and perfectly complimented the end of my afternoon at La Taza. However, their menu has so many options that I definitely ended up with a few things to try next time, including their coffee limeade, (which is a thing these days apparently) their cold brew and their costa iced coffee.

Items on the menu vary from 1,500 pesos ($0.50) for a chocolate cookie to 39,000 ($13) for their sangria, with most prices staying under 10,000 pesos ($3.50). Tuesdays they even have 2 x 1 Coffee! Need another reason to come? You can take a tasty trip around their menu and get a stamp for every purchase, working your way to a free one!

The Little Things: Coffee Nooks and Payment Options

La Taza has a very distinct identity, so I couldn’t see myself comparing it to other places around the area. The small “nook” feel of it is perfect for those looking to work or read or have a drink with a loved one, the decor is inviting, the area isn’t too active that it’s distracting, but it’s still half a block off Nutibara. Those tiny details can make such a difference for how much time you spend at a café.

Their staff during my visit, Santiago, was totally attentive with me, patiently walking me through all the questions I had about their coffee and had a great welcoming attitude, which I always applaud.

With all these positives plus the fact that it’s right on my way home from work, how could I not stop in constantly for a chai?

Something by which I was taken back during my visit, was their payment options. While some restaurants and cafés will have cash only or cash, credit or debit options, La Taza accepts only cash or a transfer via the Bancolombia App, which is super practical, for those who have Bancolombia accounts. I had never heard of any store, restaurant or café doing that.


More about La Taza

Check out La Taza on Facebook, and Trip Advisor or stop in to try it for yourself!

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  1. As Cat Woman would say, “purrfect”. It’s only a 5 minute walk from my apartment too. My coffee fiend buddy is coming in from Europe for a visit and he’s the type that will judge the whole town by the coffee.

  2. I would most certainly try La Taza before even thinking of going to Starbucks! What’s so great about seeing American brands pasted all over the world? If you want Starbucks, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Holiday Inn, etc., why leave the USA?