Bourné: Custom Fit Jeans Made Locally


    Bourné is offering affordable, locally made, custom fit jeans that will modify classicly styled jeans to your unique shape, but I can hardly put it better than they do:

    Bourné (noun):

    A place where good people come to get good jeans fitted to their natural bodies.

    An ode to a city that inspires dreamers to dream bigger – Melbourne

    A denim bar in Medellín, Colombia

    The name stems from the American founder’s love for Melbourne, having lived in the city for some time. It’s also where the idea started taking its beginning steps. Founder, David, is also quick to admit that Bourné is largely inspired by the Australian Jean brand Dejour which offers custom tailored jeans.

    Bourné sees denim as more than just clothing: it's a vital part of a lifestyle of self-expression and uniqueness.
    Bourné sees denim as more than just clothing: it’s a vital part of a lifestyle of self-expression and uniqueness.

    The Bourné Experience in Medellín

    Bourné has been operating out of Laureles for the past couple of months and, for a good deal of that time, I’ve been observing from the sidelines curiously. People have been asking me for months about where to find custom fit clothing and finally, Bourné appeared.

    One main reason why Bourné is making an impact, in my opinion, is that they’re providing so much more than jeans that (finally!) fit the way you want them to. Also, it’s an entire experience that takes a classic style and makes it personalized, entirely yours.  

    Because, though jeans are clearly immune to the passing of time, jean shopping is definitely not and could benefit from alternative options like this in the city.

    However, custom fit clothing isn’t entirely impossible to find in Medellín, (see Orozco and Taller de Vestuario) but these places take anywhere from 3-20 business days. The fact that Bourné is offering a custom-fit experience that will be complete and in your hands in 24 hours is truly a game-changer.

    This time frame caters to both the local jean-lovers who need to lock down the look for the weekend as well as the tourist and expat crowd on a time crunch before their next flight.

    At the moment, Bourné is working by appointment only, offering just men’s jeans (straight and skinny) in sizes 28-34. They’re hoping to introduce the women’s jeans soon, so keep an eye out!


    The Kickstarter & “The MEDELLIN Tee”

    Like many millennial business ideas these days, there’s a long process and a lot of people behind Bourné. The Kickstarter Campaign started in early April, and by May it had long surpassed its original goal. Backers received a variety of benefits and products as thanks for their support, including the now infamous “Medellín shirts.”

    Made for men and women, the tees were originally planned as only a part of the Kickstarter but soon snowballed into a Laureles phenomenon. They’re simple, with “Medellín” screen printed in caps on the chest backward (because David is all of us learning how to screen print). Luckily, the mistake led to an eye-catching design that is memorable of the city without falling into the cliché “I went to Medellín and thought of you” shenanigans.

    You can find the tee shirts in six different colors, and three different colored tanksfor 48,000 COP ($15.35)

    in Laureles  at:

    in Envigado:

    And more places coming soon!

    Copy of bourne
    Bourné jeans for men in the five different colors they offer.

    Custom Fit Jeans in 24 Hours: How it Works

    Bourné is flexible to the varying work schedules of their clients and remain open between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. After your appointment is scheduled, just show up the way you would to a barber shop: treat it like an experience, allow yourself the freedom to hear their suggestions, assess the fit, and decide your style.

    Choose from the five colors (seen above) and 24 hours later, they’re ready! Slip on some Bourné dreams, and rock that custom-fitted look.

    The price you’ll pay for the personalized, attentive service and product? Just 175,000 COP ($56). I dare say that places Bourné in direct competition with popular international brands selling standard jeans made and imported for standard bodies- does anyone have one of those?

    Contact Bourné

    For more information and to schedule your appointment, contact Bourné via Facebook, Instagram or shoot them an email:!

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