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Where to Find Spanish Classes in Medellin [2017 Update]

There are many options available to foreigners seeking Spanish classes in Medellin.

Spanish Classes in Medellín at Centro Interactivo de Español

Ryan takes a closer look at the Centro Interactivo de Español, a great place to take Spanish classes in Medellín for all the foreigners in the city.

Women’s Fashion in Medellín

Melissa's handpicked LookBook for women's fashion in Medellín, including a variety of day and night outfits.

Centro Plazarte: A Cultural Exchange of Talents

Tucked away in a historic neighborhood, the Centro Plazarte in Medellín is a cultural center developed to revive the area with stunning Roman architecture.

Teatro Pablo Tobón Uribe: A Cultural Hub

Teatro Pablo Tobón Uribe is one of the city's largest theaters and plays host to an array of different cultural events.

Medellin Buzz Cocktail Party

Join Andrew, Niall and everyone else for a great cocktail party and language exchange event at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday at Vertigo Pub. A...

Son Havana 4th Anniversary

Come celebrate the 4th birthday of Son Havana, one of the city's best salsa clubs. Enjoy live music with Son K'maron and Diego Gale...

Comemoración de Fernando González

This month is 50 years since Envigado writer and philosopher Fernando González passed away. But his spirit lives on through the Corporación Otra Parte...

El Primavera Fest

This show, in the heart of spring in the City of Eternal Spring, brings together music, alternative lifestyles and sustainable solutions.    

El Pulguero Llanogrande

Enjoy the food and vendors at this flea market just outside Medellín.