Spanish Classes in Medellín at Centro Interactivo de Español

Ryan takes a closer look at the Centro Interactivo de Español, a great place to take Spanish classes in Medellín for all the foreigners in the city.

Women’s Fashion in Medellín

Melissa’s handpicked LookBook for women’s fashion in Medellín, including a variety of day and night outfits.

Centro Plazarte: A Cultural Exchange of Talents

Tucked away in a historic neighborhood, the Centro Plazarte in Medellín is a cultural center developed to revive the area with stunning Roman architecture.

Teatro Pablo Tobón Uribe: A Cultural Hub

Teatro Pablo Tobón Uribe is one of the city’s largest theaters and plays host to an array of different cultural events.

Medellin Events: February

A list of Medellin Events for February 2014, including local concerts, sporting events, meet-ups, and more.

Feria de Cali: Celebration, Salsa and So Much More

CALI — Giuseppe got overzealous with the spray foam. He hit a little kid in the face. He felt bad and apologized. He didn’t realize revenge was coming. The caleñito, no more than 7 or 8 years old, eventually swiped the canister from Giuseppe’s hands and let him have it. A few moments later, Giuseppe […]

Playa Almejal and a Peek at the Pacific Coast

PLAYA ALMEJAL, Chocó — The waves whisper as they wash up ashore, their way of calling you to the ocean, to swim, to surf, to sit under the sun. Our front yard was the waters of Playa Alemejal, without much else around, other than our hostel and a few small hotels nearby, none of them popular […]

Day Trip to Nevado del Ruiz

Writer’s Note: This is part one of a two-part story. MANIZALES — Almost everyone wants to see the flag. It’s one of the main attractions as you meander toward the top of the highest volcano in Parque Nacional Natural Los Nevados. But we could not make it that far up Nevado del Ruiz. The weather […]

Easter in Colombia

They pray. They party. That’s what happens in Colombia during Semana Santa, or Holy Week as it translates to English. It starts on the Wednesday leading up to Easter Sunday, when lots of people leave for their fincas. Thursday and Friday are holidays. There are events on both days, especially Good Friday. Many businesses, especially […]

Crafts, Games and Music in Downtown Medellín

The park fills up, quickly. This is the first Saturday of every month at Parque Bolívar, where the Mercado de San Alejo draws paisas and tourists looking for bags to bracelets to dresses, even tables, chairs and other furniture. Music is playing and people are playing games. Almost everyone is smiling. I went on the […]