About Melissa

Melissa was born in Florida and moved to Medellin at the age of 13. She is an Industrial Design student at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, who loves photography, traveling and FOOD!

Woka Lounge: An Experience for All 5 Senses

Woka Lounge is an exclusive restaurant and bar in Parque Lleras that focuses on stimulating all five senses in an elegant and delicious way.

La Pizza de Alejo: Thin Crust Pizzas with Creative Toppings

Melissa takes you to her favorite pizza restaurant, La Pizza de Alejo, where you can find creative flavors and toppings to make for an unforgettable meal.

Men’s Fashion in Medellín

Melissa’s handpicked outfits for men’s fashion in Medellín, including a variety of tips that will be helpful while packing.

The Poblado Pub Department’s Weekly Bar Crawl

Melissa’s bar crawling experience doing Medellín’s most popular pub crawl with the girls from Poblado Pub Department and a group of foreigners.

Best Ribs in Medellín

Melissa tries to find the best ribs in Medellín and visits restaurant all around the city such as Humo, Mu, Federal Ribs and Mundos.

Calle 9+1: Hipsters and Electronic Music

Melissa takes you through one of Medellín’s hidden clubs, Calle 9+1, known for its emphasis on electronica.

Café Revolución: Quality and Variety for Your Coffee

Melissa’s take on the popular Café Revolución located in Laureles, where they sell different kinds of quality coffee from local farms in a great atmosphere.

Women’s Fashion in Medellín

Melissa’s handpicked LookBook for women’s fashion in Medellín, including a variety of day and night outfits.

Java Bean Café: Delicious Coffees and Delectable Desserts

Opened in 2013 by an American couple, Vanessa and Jessie, the Java Bean Café serves up breakfast, sandwiches, coffees and a variety of delectable desserts.

The Best CrossFit Gyms in Medellín

CrossFit, the sport that took the world by storm, has arrived in Colombia too. Here we highlight some of the best CrossFit gyms in Medellín.