Café Revolución: Quality and Variety for Your Coffee

Shakerato 7,900 Pesos ($4.20)
Shakerato 7,900 Pesos ($4.20)
Shakerato with liquor: 7,900 pesos ($4.20)

After pondering the thought for a while, I’ve decided that the best cafés are in Laureles.

Then again I might be biased because I live here. Café Revolución is one of my favorite cafés in the area.

Owners Bryan and Zsolti opened the café, located right in front of Primer Parque de Laureles, in May 2014 and they have been doing great ever since.

They get their coffee from several locations like Tolima, Caldas and Antioquia. If you want to brew your own coffee at home they sell bags of ground coffee or full beans from these locations and about every week they switch their coffee so clients can try different beans.

Café Revolución differs from other cafes because they don’t limit their coffee to one farm. They are always mixing it up and changing the flavors, while never sacrificing the quality.

Something I’ve noticed is that they love their customers and make sure that each time they come in they are treated right. Customer service is a big deal here.

The paninis are great, and so is the art, like the painting called La Negra, the only one not for sale.
The paninis are great, and so is the art, like the painting in the background, the only one not for sale.

As Ryan mentioned in his Best Cafés post, they have delicious paninis. I loved their ham and cheese panini for 8,500 pesos ($4.50) and the BBQ chicken panini is also really good for 8,900 pesos ($4.70).

Every day they have coffee specials on the blackboard outside. Every day there is a 2×1 special, sometimes a new drink creation, and there are always great coffees.

A big plus about the café is that it is a place to go and sit for a while, whether you are working or chatting with a friend. Music is always playing in the background and it has a great energy to it. It is not just a get-your-coffee-and-go kind of place.

If you’re looking for something stronger than a normal black coffee try the Shakerato with Amaretto in it 7,900 pesos (about $4.20) and cinnamon sprinkled on top.

They make a delicious espresso and cappuccino or iced lattes when it is too hot for normal coffees, as well as cold and hot teas for the non-coffee drinkers. They have two coffee grinders and they switch up the coffee in the second grinder for beans from different farms once a week.

If you’re not into tea or coffee they have delicious fruit smoothies that go great with the homemade baked treats, like muffins and oatmeal cookies, that Bryan makes.

These paintings will set you back about 300,000
These paintings cost about 300,000 pesos ($160) each.

Café Revolución not only supports local coffee farms but they also help local artists.

The paintings they have hanging (with the exception of the biggest painting, the one on the red wall) are for sale. All of the paintings are originals and come with a letter from the artist.

Make sure you get a card before you leave. For every eight drinks you purchase, you get the next one free.

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