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Coffee Culture in Medellín: The History, Cafes & Tours

Colombia produces around 11.5 million bags of coffee every year, making it the third largest exporter in the world (after Brazil and Vietnam) and...

Lessons From an Expat: 10 Things to Know Before Traveling to...

You’ve booked the flights, you’ve got your vaccinations and you’ve started telling people you’re off to Medellín – no doubt with a few frowns...

Your Organic Guide to Medellín

My time in Colombia has naturally been spent sampling all the local food. After all, to get a taste of a country, you need...

Best Cafés in Medellín [2018 Update]

The best cafés in Medellín, many of which are ideal for digital nomads. From French-inspired Café Cliché to the natural tranquility of Otraparte, they serve fresh coffee, outstanding food and sweet desserts.

Starbucks in Medellín Opens Two More Coffee Shops

Wednesday last week a new Starbucks opened in Santafé mall and today a new Starbucks opens in Oviedo mall. Starbucks now has 3 coffee shops in Medellín.

Starbucks Opens its First Store in Medellín, Five More are Planned

Starbucks opened its first store in Medellín on September 1 and Jeff takes us inside. Starbucks plans to open 5 more stores in Medellín by the end of 2017.

Coffee Tasting at Pablo Tobón

Café Teatro Pablo Tobón is hosting a coffee tasting in which, with agricultural engineer and barista Juan Felipe Jaimes, they answer questions such as: Why is...

Café Revolución: Quality and Variety for Your Coffee

Melissa's take on the popular Café Revolución located in Laureles, where they sell different kinds of quality coffee from local farms in a great atmosphere.

Starbucks in Bogotá: The First Starbucks Store in Colombia

Starbucks opened its first store in Bogotá on July 16 to long lines and I had the opportunity to visit about two weeks after the opening.

Café Vallejo: A Cool Little Cafe in Laureles

Café Vallejo is a small independent coffee shop and book store located in Laureles. It's only open in the evenings, and has a limited food menu.