Starbucks in Medellín Opens Two More Coffee Shops

Wednesday last week a new Starbucks opened in Santafé mall and today a new Starbucks opens in Oviedo mall. Starbucks now has 3 coffee shops in Medellín.

Starbucks Opens its First Store in Medellín, Five More are Planned

Starbucks opened its first store in Medellín on September 1 and Jeff takes us inside. Starbucks plans to open 5 more stores in Medellín by the end of 2017.

Café Revolución: Quality and Variety for Your Coffee

Melissa’s take on the popular Café Revolución located in Laureles, where they sell different kinds of quality coffee from local farms in a great atmosphere.

Starbucks in Bogotá: The First Starbucks Store in Colombia

Starbucks opened its first store in Bogotá on July 16 to long lines and I had the opportunity to visit about two weeks after the opening.

Best Cafés in Medellín

The best cafés in Medellín, from French-inspired Ganso y Castor to family-owned Pergamino, which serve fresh coffee, outstanding food and sweet desserts.

Café Vallejo: A Cool Little Cafe in Laureles

Café Vallejo is a small independent coffee shop and book store located in Laureles. It’s only open in the evenings, and has a limited food menu.

Ciudad Bolívar: A Worthy Alternative to the Coffee Triangle

One of the first things you notice is that tourists rarely come here. You don’t see them in Ciudad Bolívar and you see the way the locals look at you, like you’re obviously out-of-place, like they’re wondering why you chose to travel to their town instead of the most popular Colombian coffee destination, the coffee […]

Caffeine Crazy: The Best Coffee Shops in Medellin

One of Colombia’s most famous exports has to be coffee, and Medellin is the perfect place to sample some black gold. It’s well known that the best coffee in Colombia is grown in the MAM triangle, named for Medellin, Armenia, and Manizales. It would be a real shame to get those cheap flights to Colombia […]

Colombian Flavors: From Cooking to Coffee in Medellin

Most holidaymakers fall in love with Colombian cuisine after a few days in the country. Typical dishes include everything from Ajiaco, a soup made from chicken and avocado, to fried ants which are eaten in some remote north-eastern areas of the country (although many Colombians from elsewhere wouldn’t fathom eating such things!). However, it’s dishes […]

The Story Of Juan Valdez

The Juan Valdez cafe adjacent the Fernando Botero museum in Bogota was the first place I enjoyed a cup of authentic Colombian coffee.  When I arrived in Medellin, the cafe in Parque Lleras became my favorite place to meet people because it was so easily recognizable to foreigners and locals alike.  Offering a Starbucks-style experience […]