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Address: Carrera 40 #51-24



Located in El Centro, approximately eight blocks from Parque Berrio, Teatro Pablo Tobón Uribe is one of the best-hidden gems in Medellín. The theater is known for its diverse agenda, hosting shows, poetry readings, dance classes, live music, yoga, and much more. All ages, nationalities, and interests are welcome in the theater. Here’s your guide to Teatro Pablo Tobón Uribe, including how to arrive, its history, and range of monthly events. 


How to arrive

Found on Avenida La Playa, Teatro Pablo Tobón Uribe is easy to get to. By train, take the metro line A (Linea A) to San Antonio. Then, take the tram (tranvía) to Pabellón del Agua. From here, the theater is approximately a six-minute walk away. 

By taxi, simply tell the driver “Teatro Pablo Tobón Uribe” (like ‘te-ah-tro pab-lo to-bohn uh-ree-beh’) or show the address. From Poblado, a taxi should cost no more than $14,000 COP. 

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History of the theater

In 1949, a project from La Sociedad de Mejoras Públicas de Medellín (the Public Improvement Society of Medellín) was launched to construct a performing arts theater in the city. The aim was to encourage access to the arts for people, in a safe, affordable place. As work began, philanthropist Pablo Tobón Uribe announced he would be donating one million pesos to the cause. As a result, the theater was named in his honor. 

The building was designed by Medellín-born architect, Nel Rodríguez. Who aimed to make a space that fostered community and intertwined the arts into everyday life.

The theater first opened in 1967 and is now the oldest in all of Medellín. The auditorium is also one of the largest in the city, with capacity for 923 people. The foundation still runs the theater and is highly respected for its cultural efforts. Colombians often regard the theater as a meeting point, a place for entertainment, and somewhere for artistic expression. 

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Mission and vision

The theater states its mission as being to promote, train, and present artistic, dramatic, musical, literary, and scientific shows to aid the cultural advancement of Antioqueños. By 2022, Pablo Tobón Uribe Theater hopes to be the cultural center with the greatest impact in the department of Antioquia.

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Shows and pricing

There are three main spaces in the theater: the main hall, the Theater Cafe, and the Glorieta de la Vida area outside the building. Teatro Pablo Tobón Uribe is most famed for its acoustics, and as a result, attracts a number of national and international actors and musicians to perform on stage. 

The full monthly schedule at the theater can be found on the website. Tickets for shows can be bought either online or at the theater in-person. Prices can range from $20,000 to $50,000 COP depending on the event.

Teatro Pablo Tobón Uribe also hosts a number of performances and workshops for free. Guests are asked to make donations to the theater in return, but there is no expected amount. For example, free yoga classes are held every Tuesday and Friday and 6.30 am. We recommend that when you visit, you bring spare cash to support the great cause. 

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Free tours

Visitors can also take a guided tour of the theater to see all the facilities and learn about the cultural and educational workshops on offer. The tour also includes information about the theater’s history, location, and organisation. 

Tours are free but need to be booked in advance (at least 10 days beforehand for groups) via the theater’s website. They run Monday to Friday from 11 am until 2 pm. Currently, tours are only available in Spanish. 

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