Recommended Medical Professionals and Clinics

Clinica Soma
Clinica Soma
Torre Medica in Ciudad del Rio
Torre Medica in Ciudad del Rio

You’ve finally got your new life settled in Medellin. You got an apartment, found a grocery store that sells peanut butter and kale, met an awesome circle of friends…. and then it happens. You notice a slight tingling in your right molar. Or maybe a nagging pain in your wrist.

And you think Oh.


I really hope this goes away on it’s own.

It is bad enough to go to the dentist/doctor/OBGYN/ in my own country. Who knows what it’s like here!

Well now you can breathe easy because here we present a list of medical professionals that have been personally tried and tested by our closest friends.

All doctors are from personal recommendations and don’t even know they’re on this list. Below each doctor are the comments received from the friends who recommended them.

We did our best to indicate which providers speak English. While many speak English, most receptionists who take your call will only speak Spanish.

If you would like to make your own recommendations, please leave the relevant information in the Comments section at the bottom. 

Alternative Medicines (Acupuncture, Homeopathy)

  • Provider: Dr. Roberto Moreno Zuluaga (there are two Dr. Moreno’s – you want Roberto)
  • Address: Circular 73B #39B-115, Room 201, Laureles (behind Carulla)
  • Tel: 411-4891
  • English: Yes

“My friend saw him for hip pain, and highly recommended him to help treat my lower back pain. He initially worked as an orthopedic surgeon, but after going to France, he returned to Medellin and began treating patients with acupuncture, holistic/herbal medicines (like creams he makes himself), and exercise plans. He is popular so it may be a few days before you can get an appointment…[cost is] 130,000 pesos ($65) initial visit, 65,000 pesos ($35) every visit after that. Visits generally last 45 minutes to an hour, mostly spent with the needles in just relaxing.”

Cosmetic Procedures

  • Provider: Pilar Ochoa
  • Address: Torre Intermédica, Calle 7 #39-197, Room 1207 – PBX
  • Tel: 321-8567
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • English: Yes

“Leg laser peels and Botox… She is awesome. There is no other.”

Dental Center
Dental Center

Dentists and Oral Surgeons

Two of my friends who do not know each other recommended two dentists at the same facility.

  • Provider: Dental Center
  • Address: Calle 11 #30A-21, Poblado
  • Tel: 268-6922
  • Website:
  • English: Yes

1. Dr. Abad

“This is the cousin or nephew or something of the famous Dr. Abad- human rights defender who was murdered here and his son wrote that excellent book Oblivion (English translation) or El Olvido que Seremos. Anyway, the guy is super kind, went above and beyond to save me from having to spend 1,000 dollars on transplants and worked with me to find a solution. This dentist was recommended to me from a trusted Colombian friend and [I] have been going there now for over a year.”

2. Dr. Hernán A. Velez

“Dr Velez is great, been going to him for two years now. The dental seat in his office looks out over a little garden… he speaks fluent English. Everything from routine care to root canals, crowns, and implants. When I visited in 2011, based on an American friend’s recommendation, I was very impressed with the routine cleaning, the repair of a chipped tooth, and the low prices. I’ve been going back ever since.”

As of April 2014, a routine cleaning with Dr. Velez cost 110,00 pesos ($55).

  • Provider: Dr. Fernando Velez
  • Address: Belen/Laureles
  • Tel: 305-229-0437
  • Email:
  • English: Yes

“All modern equipment… speaks English, inexpensive, great work, friendly dude.”


  • Provider: Dra. Alejandra Sanudo and Dr. Gener Alejandro Mancilla Díaz
  • Address: Carrera 48 #19A-40, Room 1514, Torre Medica in Ciudad del Rio, Poblado
  • Tel: 418-2249 (Spanish), Cell: 301-256-3838 (English)
  • English: Yes

“I’ve used both providers on multiple occasions. They’re super friendly, and offer a quality of service similar to what I’ve had in the United States.”

  • Provider: Dra. Mary Ann Robledo
  • Address: Calle 33 #42B-06, Torre sur, 1122, Centro Comercial San Diego
  • Tel: 262-9678
  • English: Yes

“She cured me of a nasty-ass skin disease.”

  • Provider: Dra. Maria Cristina Lotero Acevedo
  • Address: Carrera 48 #19A-40, Room 1211, Torre Medica Clinica Clofan in Ciudad del Rio, Poblado
  • Tel: 235-5428
  • English: Unconfirmed

“She’s a regular down to earth dermatologist.”

  • Provider: María Teresa Vélez Velásquez
  • Address: Calle 2 Sur 46-55, Room 253, Fase II 219, Clinica Las Vegas, Poblado
  • Tel: 268-7270
  • English: Unconfirmed

“Removed my suspect moles cheerfully and with skill.”

Emergency Services

“Great for emergency treatment (x-ray and diagnosis) and follow-up physical therapy was cheap and sort of even fun (at times a killer workout).”

  • Facility: Clinica Las Vegas
  • Address: Calle 2 Sur 46-55, Poblado
  • Tel: 315-9000
  • Website:
  • English: Varies by doctor, ask at reception

“If you must be admitted to hospital for anything, go there. It is clean and comfortable. One roommate had to be admitted 2 days for hand surgery following an accident and they were very good; the room was positively luxurious. Hospitalization costs are negligible in Medellin compared to procedure costs (the opposite in the US).”

General Practice

  • Provider: Dr. Mauricio Alvarado Vasquez
  • Address: Clinica Las Vegas, Fase I, Room 320, Poblado
  • Tel: 266-8098
  • English: Yes

“Speaks pretty good English. I’ve seen him twice this year for help managing my high cholesterol, and an unknown flu-like virus. On both occasions, I felt comfortable, and we had good conversations. In short, I trust his judgement. Will use again.”


  • Provider: Dr. Mauricio Arango Gonzalez
  • Address: Salud Sura, Carrera 43A #1-50 , Torre 3, Room 1004, San Fernando Plaza
  • Tel: 604-1361
  • English: Unconfirmed

“He is lovely. Absolutely lovely.”

Imaging Services

  • Facility: Diagnosticarte
  • Address: Carrera 48 #10-45, Sótano S2, Centro Comercial Monterrey
  • Tel: 444-9411
  • Website:
  • English: Unconfirmed

“They charged only 600,000 for an MRI when the others wanted double.”

  • Facility: IATM (Instituto de Alta Tecnologia Medica)
  • Address: Carrera 48 #19A-40, Torre Medica, Ciudad del Rio, Poblado
  • Tel: 448-4481
  • Website:
  • English: No

“Went here for a CT scan of my spine, and was thoroughly impressed with the service and facilities. The location is only a few years old, and is impeccably clean. Even though the staff who assisted me didn’t speak English, they were friendly and made me feel comfortable. Best of all, it only cost me 300,000 pesos ($150). They’re open 24 hours a day.”


“This is a no-frills clinic but [my husband] received excellent care including physical therapy and also an anesthesia procedure on his back…”

  • Provider: Dr. Alvaro Toro
  • Address: Carrera 74 #49-11, Estadio
  • Tel: 230-6844
  • English: Yes

“A doctor friend referred me to him, apparently he’s one of the Medellin’s top orthopedists. [I went here] last year when I had injured my back. He speaks basic English (I brought a friend to help translate, but it wasn’t really necessary).”


  • Provider: Dr. Luis Fernando Gomez Uribe
  • Address: Centro Cial, Calle 33 #42B-06, Torre Sur San Diego, Room 12-09
  • Tel: 262 09 68, (Cell): 300-526-96 26
  • English: Unconfirmed

“[My son] has been to see him for his wellness checks as well as when he was sick.  The guy is awesome with kids, very sweet, as well as very knowledgeable and experienced.”

Clinica Soma in Centro
Entrance to Clinica Soma in Centro

Physical Therapists

  • Provider: Jesus A Plata Contreras
  • Address: Calle 51 #45-93, Room 102, Clinica Soma, Centro
  • Tel: 512-7280
  • Website:
  • English: Yes

130,000 pesos ($65) initial visit

36,000 pesos ($18) for follow-up therapy visits

“…my dermatologist friend recommended to me. He specializes in treating back pain. He oversaw a month-long course of physical therapy for me, and also ordered a CT scan.”

If you would like to make your own recommendations, please leave the relevant information in the Comments section at the bottom. 

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  1. Great article. Along the same topic of health, which grocery store here Medellin sales Kale? I have not been able find it and it would help me avoid going to any clinic if I can continue to have my Kale, Brocoli, strawberry smoothies. Please help. I need my Kale.

  2. Hey there!! I loved your article and i think it is very useful, I recommend Gener too, he was my dermatologist when i was younger!!
    Even though I’m from Medellin, I follow this blog to keep up with everything that is happening in my home city lately since I have been living in Canada for the last 3 years. I wanted to add a couple of doctors to the list since i can compare them to what i have found here in Montreal. I would say, the quality is similar or better, and I would highly recommend them professionally and personally. Both of them work at Pablo Tobon Uribe Hospital, which I also highly recommend since is a great hospital that receives hundreds of people from all around the world every year for cheap but high quality medical performances. Including organ transplant.

    The first one is a Urologist:
    -Carlos Martinez, I dont have his phone number but you can reach him by calling to the Pablo tobon Uribe Hospital and asking for him, he speaks English since he studied in Canada, and is an awesome doctor and person.

    The second one is a plastic surgeon:
    -Jorge Hugo Ramirez, As well as Carlos, works for the Pablo Tobon, but has his own office at Bioforma Clinic in San Lucas neighborhood. He speaks English and He has certifications from USA and Europe, and i can tell you first hand, this doctor is awesome. Not only for cosmetic reasons but also for little accidents that might need stitches, he will reduce the possibilities of remaining scars. I found his web page: because unfortunately i don’t have his phone number.

    Thanks for the article!

    Best regards,


  3. I’ll second the recommendation for Dental Center and Dr Velez.
    I live in the US and my local dentist quoted me $8k USD for a laundry list of work that I needed attention. Of that $8k my dental insurance said they would only give me $1k towards it, leaving me with $7k out of pocket…

    I felt very confident with taking the recommendation here on this blog and decided that I would go to Medellin. The best advice that I can contribute here is to not get all hung up on how much it will cost you to get dental work there. If you have a very detailed report from your local dentist and are able to email them your X-rays -they can give you an “estimate” but do not expect that to be the final price.. things can and do change.

    Dental Center has their own Lab!!
    If you need a crown like I did, they will make it right there in the same location and that alone can speed up the whole process.

    (YMWV) Your Mileage Will Vary;
    In my case, I was able to email xrays and a detailed report so that Dr Velez had a firm understanding of what I was in need of. In the end we did all the work I needed, plus some cosmetic work to make my smile more pretty -And some very strong bleaching!! Thanks to the bleaching I don’t have to sit in a tanning bed to make my smile whiter!

    and the best part… the total bill at Dental Center was $1,825 USD
    remember, YMWV but I think we can all agree that is an impressive savings.

  4. Thanks so much for this article!

    If anyone needs a female gynaecologist in Laureles, Dra. Maria Cristina Barco Burgos was great. I got a walk in appointment after waiting only about 3 minutes and it was only 120,000COP (45usd?). She speaks English and has an on site laboratory so results are immediate. And she was really lovely and thorough: strongly recommend!

  5. I arrived in Medellin yesterday and after reading this article, had an appointment booked with Dr. Hernán A. Velez. My adult daughter is with me and we both went in for dental cleanings and check-ups. He speaks perfect english, very professional and great pricing. I would highly recommend Dr. velez!

        • Yes I can recommend a top diabetes specialist Doctor Jorge Garcia at Diabetes En Control in Laureles. ( Consult is 120k and the doctor spent the entire hour with me and also gave me free Victoza (it’s $500+ in US w/o insurance). He understands some English but you’d have to make appointment in Spanish. Also had 12 tests done but instead of the lab in the diabetes clinic you can save over 60% by going elsewhere and then bring results for return visit. For lab work you can take a picture of the doctors recommended lab tests and email it to for price quote and appointment. If you take metaphormine you can buy generics for around 2 cents each at many pharmacies.

  6. Just went to Dr. Fernando Velez for a routine cleaning and checkup. He was very professional, has a relaxing office, and speaks good english. I paid 60,000 for his appointment. Highly recommend.

  7. HI. I just want to write about the doctor I found out about from another expat- She is absolutely excellent, not only in her treatment of my minor issue, but is so great about being in constant communication with me on whatsapp when I had follow up questions. So i am going to post her info her. She speaks/writes amazing English and even does housecalls. Her name is Luz Naranjo. She is a
    General Practitioner with 12 years of experience treating acute and chronic diseases, assessing traumas, providing preventive care and health education in adults and children.
    You can reach her via Whatsapp +573176204480 or in her Facebook page: Dr Luz Naranjo.

  8. Hi, thanks for the article. Do you have a recommendation for an english speaking psychiatrist by chance? Bonus points if they’re located near Laureles. 😉

  9. I’m looking for an audiologist that can do a consultation in English. My Spanish isn’t good enough to understand medical terms. Any info would be appreciated.