About Larry

Larry Rose is a retired geologist, US Park Ranger, musician, actor, and science educator. Read his blog "Medellin:an Expat's View" at http://pobladoboy.blogspot.com

Pablo Tobón Uribe: The Hospital With Soul

Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe is one of the best hospitals in Medellín, and rated one of the best in all of Latin America.

Zoo Revolution: The Renovation of Medellín’s City Zoo

Larry reports on the plans underway to renovate Medellín’s city zoo.

Is Medellín at Risk for a Major Earthquake?

Despite being part of the Andean system, part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, Medellín is not a high risk candidate for earthquakes or their damage.

June Events at Teatro Metropolitano

The June schedule of events at Medellín’s Teatro Metropolitano. This is the first in a series highlighting classical, jazz, dance and cultural performances.