Be Prepared, Be Protected

View toward downtown Medellin, Colombia
Medellin, Colombia

Protecting yourself from injury and illness while traveling overseas is not a bad idea.

When you’re heading to a place like, oh, I don’t know, Colombia, this can come in handy. In fact, it can come in handy anywhere.

Let’s say you’re hurt in a car accident. Or maybe you decide to take a boat from Cartagena to San Blas, Panama, and something happens because the captain has been drinking.

Holiday compensation is worth looking into should something happen. A team of more than 50 lawyers is available to help you. Your travel safety is important to them.

The website provides information about areas of expertise, not only transportation-related incidents, but accidents at a particular location, maybe a hotel, or sports maybe, maybe some kind of illness.

Ideally, though, you’ll be careful. You’ll do your research, both on the Internet and by asking locals and other travelers, before getting on that sailboat. In the cities and towns, you’ll take advantage of the cheap public transportation options. That likely will keep you out of a boat or car accident.

Read as much as you can about places you’re staying too, the reviews on and And be aware of potential illnesses, whether it’s dengue fever-carry mosquitoes in departments such as Santander and Valle de Cauca, or parasites from something you ingest in coastal areas.

Those illnesses are fairly easy to treat with a quick stop to a hospital or medical clinic. A British traveler I met recently got parasites. She thinks she got them from something she ate in Cartagena, or on one of the islands off the coast of the Caribbean city popular with tourists. She went to a medical clinic in Medellín and spent less than $100 to see a doctor, run some tests and buy all the antibiotics she needed. She felt better quickly.

But other accidents, more serious accidents, could occur, no matter how careful you are. Travel insurance should be important to you. If you don’t have it, and something occurs, and you feel you were victimized, you can read about holiday accident claims.

A man injured in a taxi accident in Australia received $1 million. Another man received £2.2 million after he and his wife were hit by a car in France. His wife died in the accident.

I hope none of this happens to anyone, of course, and that there is no need for lawyers. No one wants their vacation to be marred by tragedy, so be careful and be prepared.

If something awful and overwhelming happens, you have somewhere to go. Let’s just hope that’s never necessary.


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