Massage Therapy by Leidy Madonna

Massage table
Massage table

A little over a year ago, I wrote about the amazing therapeutic work of Florence, a Californian who quickly established a positive reputation among expats and Colombians as a sports/massage therapist who isn’t afraid to go deep.

I was so positive I wouldn’t find someone like her when she decided to return to the U.S. in late 2014, I didn’t even look. Then Leidy Madonna reached out and introduced herself.

Leidy is a bilingual (English/Spanish) sports therapist from Puerto Asis, a town in the Putumayo region of the Colombian Amazon, near the border with Ecuador.

According to her, it’s a “land of indigenous traditions and beliefs in plants and all the natural holistic world.”

In Medellín, she works out of her apartment near the Premium Plaza mall (Poblado), as well as by visiting clients’ homes. By the time she invited me to experience her services, she’d already begun working with several of my previous therapist’s clients, as well as local athletes.

When I arrived for my first appointment, Leidy invited me inside and offered a glass of juice, which I gladly accepted. A comfortable looking massage table was set up in the living room, with plenty of natural light.

We had a brief chat in which I told her I was in no physical pain and was interested in the massage as a way to relieve stress and tension.

Leidy at work
Leidy at work

Within minutes, she was going to work on my back and shoulders, and she didn’t hesitate to go deep. Her approach is a combination of different techniques, including deep tissue, trigger point, rolfing and reflexology.

Leidy initially learned the art of massage from a therapist in her hometown. She didn’t go to school for it, but rather learned through what sounded like an apprenticeship.

Since then, she has continued to learn new styles and techniques. In 2016, she’s going to begin working toward her degree in Sports Training and Nutrition.

Like Florence, it was her experience with pain which led her to start helping others. We didn’t get into specifics, but she mentioned it was a condition that caused her to feel pain throughout her body for 10 years.

As a result of her experience with pain, she is now committed to helping others. She told me her biggest satisfaction is seeing her clients smile after a treatment and that no one should have to live in pain.

My first massage lasted about 90 minutes. Afterwards, she typically leads her clients in some light stretching, but I had another appointment so I couldn’t stay.

The next day I felt a moderate amount of soreness, so when I returned the following week for a second massage, I asked for less pressure.

The second massage was more relaxing, and I felt less soreness the next day too. We’d found a happy medium, and I knew I’d found a new therapist to help me combat the stress of city life.

Nick Milne also had the opportunity to experience one of Leidy’s massages. Below is his account.

“As soon as I entered the room, I thought I would be in for a good, professional massage. A massage is an experience and for me the ambience is key. There were candles and relaxing music, and Leidy’s friendly welcome. Ideal.

We had a brief discussion about what kind of pressure I liked (I went medium) and then if I had suffered any injuries in the past. Leidy is an injury specialist and specializes in sports massage so ideal for anyone with aches and pains from long-suffering sports injuries.

She worked her way from the back down to the legs, switched me onto my back and then finished with the head. All while using different oils and ointments for relevant parts. The pressure was firm without being too harsh.

Overall I was very pleased with the session which lasted just over an hour and a half. I felt a bit like I had done a strenuous work out the next day, but felt great as the days progressed.

I would recommend a massage to relieve the everyday stress and strains of living in Medellín and in Leidy you will find a friendly, professional and competent masseuse.”

Whether you’re seeking to reduce stress like Nick and me or have a specific injury or ailment that needs a healing touch, I’m confident recommending Leidy Madonna.

Editor’s Note: As of June 11, 2015 Leidy’s main office is now in Patio Bonito (Poblado), however, she will still be working out of Laureles one day a week, for those who live on that side of the river. The rates below were updated on June 11.

Types of Massage

  • Deep tissue
  • Trigger point
  • Injury massage rehab
  • Therapeutic massage (full body, focus and release stress, emotions, proper breathing and connect with yourself)
  • Reflexology
  • Craniofacial

Contact Info

To confirm rates and schedule an appointment, call, text or Whatsapp Leidy at (+57) 320-973-9205 or write her by email at

For more info, check out Leidy’s website and Facebook page.


My sessions were provided compliments of Leidy Madonna in exchange for sharing honest feedback about the experience here.

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  1. I had an appointment with Leidy yesterday and agree she is very good at working on injuries and a much better bet than going to a general practicioner. FYI there is no longer a 90k promotional rate and the Laureles option is limited to two days a month.

  2. Hi
    I’m Jhon Remedial massage therapist, myotherapist, recently graduated from MTI Australia, after completing my three year full time career I’m happy to come back Colombia and to share my experience and knowledge in my home country
    Anyone keen to try the benefits of myotherapy in Colombia feel free to contact me by email