Uber in Medellín: 7 Ways the Service Offers a Superior Experience

Dave makes the case for why Uber is a superior ride service to taxis in Medellín, Colombia based on his 42 rides in the past 30 days.

Best Bus Routes in Medellín

Ryan, who often uses public transportation, will tell us about the best bus routes in Medellín, the ones foreigners can use to get to the city’s best spots.

Learning to Ride a Motorcycle in Medellín

Learning to ride a motorcycle in Medellín with AutoSur, an escuela de conduccion, and their one-on-one private motorcycle classes located in Envigado.

Cheap Flights to Medellín

Looking for cheap flights to Medellín? As tourism to the city and Colombia continue to grow, so to do the number of airlines offering flights to Medellín.

The Escalators of Medellin

This video documents a series of six escalators built into a hillside neighborhood in Communa 13 in 2012, allowing local residents to travel more easily.

Car Sales Surge in Colombia

This video backs up the observations I’ve made since arriving in Medellin in 2009. Over the years, I’ve noticed an increase in the number of cars on the roads. When I left Colombia in mid-2011 to see more of South America, I was curious if other countries like Ecuador, Peru, and Argentina had the same […]

EasyFly Airline Review

I discovered EasyFly, a discount Colombian airline, in my search for low-cost flights from Medellin to Bucaramanga. A week before my departure, I booked a return flight online for 249,440 pesos ($159), which works out to about $80 each way. But the cost savings didn’t stop with the flights. EasyFly operates out of Medellin’s Enrique Olaya Herrera […]

A Colombia Customs Story

The procedure seemed simple enough. Show your ticket and your passport and through customs you go, on your way to your destination. For me, it was Southeast Florida, to visit my brother and his family for Christmas, and for the first time I had quite an experience with this obligatory routine. This is what I […]

Domestic Air Travel Made Easy

The more time I spend in Colombia, the more I begin to appreciate how easy and inexpensive the domestic air travel is in the country. In 2009, I experienced my first 25-minute flight from Bogota to Medellin, and later flew back to Medellin from Barranquilla after celebrating Carnival. By bus, both those trips can easily average […]

How to Use the Metro in Medellin

Editors note: this post about the Metro is out-of-date and incomplete and was updated in 2017 with a comprehensive guide to the Medellín Metro found here. The metro in Medellin is the only rail-based mass transportation service in Colombia, and it does not contaminate because it uses electrical technology! The Metro is a breeze, compared […]