How to Locate Street Addresses in Colombian Cities

When first arriving in Medellín, or anywhere in Colombia, it takes a minute or two to understand the set up of the city.  And, without a map or a local explaining it to you, it may take even longer. So how do you locate street addresses in Medellin? Reading the Map There are Carreras (Avenues) and Calles […]

Guide to Taking Taxis

Editor note: this post is out-of-date and inaccurate so it has been updated in 2016 with new information. By Western standards, taking taxis in Medellin is relatively inexpensive, and thus offer an easy and practical way for both visitors and locals to get around the city. Guide to Taking Taxis on the Street Hailing a […]

How to Get to Medellin from the International Airport

The Jose Maria Cordoba International Airport is the principal airport serving Medellin and the Aburra Valley. It is located about 40 kilometers outside of Medellin, in the municipality of Rio Negro (about 2,300 meters in elevation) and there are a few different options for getting into the city, all of which take 40 minutes to […]

Buses in Medellin

Buses in Medellin are definitely the way to go. I was afraid to take them when I first arrived because I didn’t know how they run and didn’t know where they go or how to ask for information.  But with a little help from a few locals, it has become one of my favorite adventures. […]

Flying Spirit Airlines

I initially intended to use Spirit Airlines to fly to Medellin in 2010, however with the strike that was occurring days before my scheduled departure, I decided to go with the Colombian discount airline, Aires, instead. After flying from Aires to Cartagena last year, as well as using them for two trips to Cali, I […]

Metrocable to Parque Arvi & Piedras Blancas

Medellin continues to look for ways to expand Colombia’s only metro system. By all accounts, the metrocable system which extends from the train line up into two different neighborhoods in the city has proven a success. In 2009, I rode on Line K, which extends from Acevedo to Santo Domingo where Biblioteca Espana was built, […]

How to Travel With a Dog From the United States to Colombia

Moving to Medellin was not a decision that I took lightly. Not only did I have to consider my life and how it would change but I also had to consider how the move would impact Jacob, my dog. I had heard of dogs being quarantined for days, and even weeks, in airports around the […]

Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport

Editor’s Note: This post was originally written by Melody, and later re-written and updated by Dave in April 2013. Olaya Herrera Airport (EOH) is Medellin’s original airport, opened in 1932, and renovated in 2010 ahead of the South American Games. In addition to a sparkly new website, it appears “Enrique” was dropped from the official airport name, thus […]

Flying in Colombia

As a follow-up to Kristen’s earlier post about transportation in Colombia, I thought I would share some helpful tips about flying within the country. Many visitors to Colombia are surprised by how check-in and security work at Colombian airports. The process is simple, but is quite different from flying in the U.S.A. Here are a […]

6 Tips for Coping with Colombian Buses

One thing which can’t be avoided when traveling round Colombia is the Colombian bus. Before coming here I had done the majority of my bus travel in Argentina where the buses are truly the cream of the crop and the humble backpacker is spoiled for quality and choice. Colombia (like most of South America to […]