About Ana

Teaching English in Medellin

In late August, after about a month of exploring Medellin and its surrounding regions, I decided to start looking around for English teaching positions. I started off by asking my family for some names of good bilingual schools and English institutes in the area and they gave me quite a long list. Here’s a short […]

Vacationing on the Colombian Island of San Andres

While living here in Medellin I had decided that I would try to see as much of Colombia as possible, and so earlier this month, I set out to visit the small and relatively unknown island of San Andres, Colombia (located off of Nicaragua’s coast, just about 2.5 hours from Medellin by air). The island […]

Kicking off Medellin’s Feria de las Flores

Every year around this time Medellin, the “City of Eternal Spring”, explodes into a colorful and vibrant week-long celebration. La Feria de las Flores, the Flower Festival, honors the regions flower industry, one of the largest suppliers in the world. The festival, which has been alive for over five decades, delivers all sorts of entertainment […]

How to Travel With a Dog From the United States to Colombia

Moving to Medellin was not a decision that I took lightly. Not only did I have to consider my life and how it would change but I also had to consider how the move would impact Jacob, my dog. I had heard of dogs being quarantined for days, and even weeks, in airports around the […]

Happy (Belated) 200th Birthday Colombia

I arrived in Medellin just in time for Colombia’s 200th anniversary. The Bicentenario, bicentennial, was celebrated just as we celebrate the independence of our country. Everyone shows their pride for Colombia by hanging yellow, blue, and red flags from their balconies, windows and cars. Colombian’s take a long weekend and spend time with friends and […]

Introducing Ana

Growing up in a Colombian family I’ve had the chance to visit Medellin a number of times. You’d think that after 11 trips to Medellin I’d get sick of it… NOT A CHANCE! So why am I heading back there? Here’s my story… I’ve been working as a Spanish teacher in Jersey since I graduated […]