2016 Medellín Christmas Lights: the World-Class El Alumbrado

Jeff takes us to the primary Medellín Christmas lights display this year. For the second year in a row there is a change; the route is not along the river.

2015 Medellín Christmas Lights: El Alumbrado

Jeff takes us to the primary Medellín Christmas lights display this year. There is a major change this year; the route is notably not along the river.

A Shamrock Thanksgiving in Colombia

Ryan visits the Shamrock Irish Pub in Poblado on Thanksgiving to enjoy a big traditional dinner, and watch some American football on TV.

3 Nights of Halloween in Medellín

Ryan celebrates Halloween in Medellin, paisa style, with three long nights out at various bars and clubs in the city.

New Year’s Eve, Paisa Style

Over the year’s I’ve come to appreciate spending Christmas with family in the States, but I try to make it a point to celebrate New Year’s Eve abroad. In 2011, I returned to Lima, where I’d watch fireworks explode at midnight on the streets around Miraflores. In 2012, I decided it was time to experience […]

Christmas in Bogota: Big Trees, Mongolian Food, and Catedral de Sal

Bogotá features its share of lights — not quite the candescence of Medellín — but I would have never known what kind of display the Colombian capital offers had I not come to see it. I had two other things I really wanted to do as well: go to the Gold Museum (Museo del Oro) […]


This is part one of a two-part seres on the 2012 Christmas lights in Medellin. The second part, by Dave, will be posted after he’s had a chance to see them too. Last year, I missed it. I left on Dec. 6 for my brother’s house in South Florida, an afternoon flight, long before it […]

A Scary Mellow Medellín Halloween

Falling in the middle of the week seemed to confuse people. Or maybe it just didn’t excite people. I went out on Saturday, Oct. 27, looking for people in costumes because Halloween was on a Wednesday so I was expecting more festivities on weekend night. I found some people in costumes; not a lot. My […]

Easter in Colombia

They pray. They party. That’s what happens in Colombia during Semana Santa, or Holy Week as it translates to English. It starts on the Wednesday leading up to Easter Sunday, when lots of people leave for their fincas. Thursday and Friday are holidays. There are events on both days, especially Good Friday. Many businesses, especially […]

Christmas Lights in Medellin (2011)

Some things just go together. Hawaii and hula. Football and Sunday. Politicans and broken promises. In Medellín, December brings a popular pair: Lights and holidays. Lots of lights. There are 16 millions of them, to honor the city’s 16 neighborhoods, the aesthetic highlight of the city’s Los Alumbrados. The lights covered almost 20 miles of […]