About Ryan S

Ryan is a former Washington DC desk jockey that left behind the working world at the end of 2012 to explore more of the world. He's been exploring all that Colombia has to offer since the beginning of the year. You can follow his other adventures on his blog Desk to Dirtbag. He also the author of the book Big Travel, Small Budget.

Parque de Los Deseos: At the Center of Culture and Science

Parque de los Deseos is an open-air, interactive, public space adjacent to Universidad de Antioquia, and beside the Planetarium, Parque Explora, and Jardin Botanico.

Planetario de Medellín: An Exploration of Space

A quick afternoon visit to the Planetario de Medellin, a modern planetarium located north of El Centro that is dedicated to the exploration and education about space, our solar system, and the galaxy beyond.

Edificio Coltejer: Medellin’s Iconic Skyscraper

A look at the history and relevance of the iconic Coltejer Tower in downtown Medellín.

Astor Repostería: Serving Sweet Treats for More than 80 Years

Astor Repostería is a bonafide local institution in Medellín, serving cakes, desserts and other sweet treats to the local population for more than 80 years. Take a trip to this delicious spot on Junnin Street in El Centro.

Museo Casa Gardeliana: A Museum Dedicated to Tango and Carlos Gardel

A visit to Museo Casa Gardeliana, a small museum dedicated Carlos Gardel and the world of tango music, located in Medellín’s Manrique neighborhood.

Museo de Antioquia: Exploring the Works of Fernando Botero

A visit to Medellín’s Museo de Antioquia, located in El Centro, which houses more than 90 works of famed Colombian artist Fernando Botero.

Learning to Ride a Motorcycle in Medellín

Learning to ride a motorcycle in Medellín with AutoSur, an escuela de conduccion, and their one-on-one private motorcycle classes located in Envigado.

Museo del Agua: A Museum Dedicated to the Importance of Water

Medellín’s Museo del Agua, the Water Museum, located within the Parque de los Pies Descalzos is dedicated to the importance of water in our lives.

Santa Fe de Antioquia: The Perfect Pueblo for a Day Trip

Escaping the hustle and bustle of the city for a day out to Santa Fe de Antioquia,a small and well-preserved colonial pueblo, situated only an hour and a half outside of Medellín.

Casa Museo Otraparte: The Life and Works of Fernando González

Casa Museo Otraparte is a small museum and cultural space in Envigado, Colombia dedicated to the life and works of philosopher Fernando González.