Cameo Teatro Club - House Delicious

Cameo Teatro Club: House Music Has a Home

Cameo Teatro Club offers the best house music with the finest DJs from across Colombia, producing an electric atmosphere that is hard to beat.

2014 flower carpet display in Santafé with over 150,000 flowers

Shopping at Santafé, Medellín’s Largest Mall

Santafé is the largest shopping mall in Medellín with over 380 shops. With its size and location in El Poblado it is the most popular mall in the city.

Buffalo chicken sandwich

Best Sandwiches in Medellín

Ryan aims to find the best sandwiches in Medellín, and enjoys a variety of them at places such as D’Andre Gourmet, Flora and Mezcla.

Coltejer Tower

Edificio Coltejer: Medellin’s Iconic Skyscraper

A look at the history and relevance of the iconic Coltejer Tower in downtown Medellín.

You'll feel like you're in a hostel in one of the private rooms at Happy Buddha Boutique Hostel.

Happy Buddha Boutique Hostel Creates a New Market in Medellín

The Happy Buddha Boutique Hostel offers all the amenities of a hotel and the fun atmosphere of a hostel, filling a void in the Colombian market.

Paisa Perspective

A New Series Highlighting Fun Things to Do in Medellín

Mónica Zuluaga Mónica Zuluaga



"I like two places to dance salsa until sunrise: El Cuchitril and Son Havana where they often have live music to dance."
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Carmen Angel Carmen Angel



"My favorite restaurants right now are La Legumbreria and Naan. Both places are committed to quality and run by passionate people."
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Medellin Map