Celebrating in Parque Lleras

The Two Escobars: Andrés Escobar’s Vision of Colombia Thrives, 20 Years Later

Ryan tells us about “The Two Escobars,” a documentary about fútbol star Andres Escobar and his hopes for his country during a time of great struggle.

Florida Parque, Medellín’s newest mall

Shopping at Florida Parque, Medellín’s Newest Mall

Florida Parque is the newest shopping mall in Medellín but isn’t located in El Poblado. Florida Parque is located near Cerro El Volador in Robledo.

Antonio's Restaurant, Medellin.

Gluten-Free Dining at Antonio’s Restaurant

Healthy and flavorsome, Antonio’s restaurant is a delight for those with a gluten-free diet, with simply delicious vegan food at just as delicious prices.

A volunteer with students at Marina Orth Foundation

Marina Orth Foundation: Education, Leadership and Technology

We learn more about the work of the Marina Orth Foundation and how Medellin living readers can support their work in education, leadership and technology.

Pablo Tobón Uribe

Pablo Tobón Uribe: The Hospital With Soul

Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe is one of the best hospitals in Medellín, and rated one of the best in all of Latin America.

Medellin Map