Cine Colombia in Santafé mall

Medellín Movie Theater Guide

Going to the movies is a popular outing for Colombians and several movie theaters in Medellín have ticket prices cheaper than in the United States.

Not your typical Colombian restaurant

Prana: Healthy Vegetarian Food in Envigado

Prana is a vegetarian restaurant in Envigado serving delicious food with an emphasis on healthy ingredients.

La Paletteria, Medellin, Colombia

La Palettería: Best Ice Cream in Medellín?

La Palettería is a popular ice cream shop serving up creative flavors that are enjoyed by locals and foreigners alike.


What Lies Behind the Use of the Word “Gringo”

The origin of the term “gringo” and a look at whether its use by Colombians toward foreigners is a sign of curiosity or disrespect.

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Medellin Map