Centro Comercial Viva Laureles seen from outside.  Photo taken from official website.

Centro Comercial Viva Laureles

Centro Comercial Viva is a project signed by Éxito Real Estate and opened its doors in Laureles in November 2012.

Mahavir Kmina

Mahavir Kmina: Changing Lives One Step at a Time

Dave visits Mahavir Kmina, the only charity organization of its kind in Latin America to offer free prosthetic limbs to those in need.

Luis cuts the first roll of sushi as his top chef, Hugo, prepares several rolls for a couple dining at the restaurant.

Taking a Sushi Class at Sushi House in Laureles

Ryan takes a sushi class at Sushi House and learns something he never did from his family, which has Japanese heritage, while having fun doing it.

Gelato at Edel Eis in Barrio Manila

Edelweiss Helados Artesanales: A Noble Quest for Gelato in Barrio Manila

Edel Eis is a German-owned gelato shop located in Poblado’s Barrio Manila.

Colombian Currency

Colombian Currency, Avoiding Counterfeits and Exchanging Money

Jeff looks at Colombian currency in circulation and also avoiding counterfeits plus exchanging money in Colombia.

Paisa Perspective

A New Series Highlighting Fun Things to Do in Medellín

Mónica Zuluaga Mónica Zuluaga



"I like two places to dance salsa until sunrise: El Cuchitril and Son Havana where they often have live music to dance."
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Carmen Angel Carmen Angel



"My favorite restaurants right now are La Legumbreria and Naan. Both places are committed to quality and run by passionate people."
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Medellin Map