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What the Heck is Chikungunya?

Chikungunya is a virus spread by the mosquito species Aedes aegypti, the same mosquito responsible for the transmission of dengue fever.

Fundación Camino al Sol and Ayahuasca Activities

Camino al Sol is an off-shoot of Comunidad Carare, a spiritual/peace/medicine community with various bases throughout Colombia.

El Pilon Guaraceño: A Cheap and Cheerful Colombian Restaurant

El Pilon Guaraceño is a cheap and cheerful Colombian restaurant in Parque Poblado, which serves hearty food at a reasonable price.

Socializing in Medellín: A Spanish Survival Guide

In order to socialize in Medellín, Spanish isn't enough. The secret lies in knowing the local slang. Here's a quick Colombian Spanish survival guide.

Massage Therapy With Michael Nedwick

During the month of May, Ximena tried massage therapy with Michael Nedwick, an expat, military massage therapist offering services in Medellín.

Marriage Visa: How to Get a TP-10 Visa in Colombia

A step by step guide to getting a TP-10 Marriage Visa in Colombia.

What’s New In the Medellín Guide v1.12

Highlights and new features from the latest version of the Medellín Guide iPhone app, including Uber integration, a currency converter and event calendar.

Massage Therapy by Leidy Madonna

Leidy Madonna is a bilingual (English/Spanish) sports therapist. Her practice combines a variety of techniques including deep tissue and trigger point.

E2E Foundation: An NGO Creating an Impact

In our latest NGO article, we learn about the E2E Foundation and the work they are doing in Colombia to generate positive social and environmental impacts

No to the Sex Tourist: A Campaign to Build Social Awareness

The "No Al Turista Sexual" (No to the Sex Tourist) campaign was launched by Pazamanos, a local NGO, to build social awareness about sex tourism.