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Online Harassment: My Experience with Cyberstalking in Colombia

A story highlighting the growing trend of online harassment and how it is affecting one expat in Medellín, Colombia, along with tips to protect yourself.

The 10 Best Places to Take a Date

Ryan shares his 10 best places to take a date in Medellín, some of which you likely know already, but others that might still be a secret to most.

Paisa Perspective: Fernando Jaramillo – Writer

Fernando Jaramillo, paisa winner of national writing contest, tells Medellin Living what he loves about the city.

Updated: Cost of Living in Medellín for a Couple (2015)

The exchange rate for the Colombian peso has improved recently making the cost of living now much cheaper in Medellín in terms of U.S. dollars.

Medellín Movie Theater Guide

Going to the movies is a popular outing for Colombians and several movie theaters in Medellín have ticket prices cheaper than in the United States.

Rolfing Bodywork by Todd Morrill

Rolfing is a bodywork practice that is incredibly deep and focused, done sequentially over a series of sessions, each focusing on one specific body part.

10 Surprisingly Cheap Things in Medellín

Jeff looks at 10 surprisingly cheap things in Medellín, which contribute to the low cost of living in the city.

Celebrating Christmas with a Paisa Family

I doubt there’s another country that takes December as seriously as Colombia does. This is my experience, a Christmas party with a paisa family.

Parque Poblado: A Popular Place to Meet and Drink Outdoors

Parque Poblado is the ideal outdoor spot to meet up with friends for a drink before a night out in Parque Lleras.

How to Buy and Use Cell Phones in Colombia

Jeff explains how to buy and use cell phones in Colombia, including looking at the major providers and the best places to buy.