Paisa Perspective: Laura Echavarria – Fashion Blogger

Laura Echavarria is the talented fashion blogger behind, a bilingual English/Spanish blog where she shares her fashion and travel advice.

Paisa Perspective: Eduardo González – Musician

Ximena interviews Eduardo González of Puerto Candelaria to talk about the band, what they like to do, and the growing music scene in Colombia.

Paisa Perspective: Claudia Márquez Cadavid – The First Lady

Get to know Claudia Márquez Cadavid, The First Lady of Medellín, through the latest installment of our Paisa Perspective interview series.

Paisa Perspective: Johanna Logreira – Designer

Johanna Logreira is an industrial designer from Medellín and an avid ambassador of creativity in every shape it may come.

Paisa Perspective: Frank Martínez – Comic

Frank Martínez, a stand-up comedian from Medellín, shares his perspective on the city, including some of his favorite places to eat and hang out.

Paisa Perspective: Fernando Jaramillo – Writer

Fernando Jaramillo, paisa winner of national writing contest, tells Medellin Living what he loves about the city.

Paisa Perspective: Mónica Zuluaga – Singer

Mónica Zuluaga is a lawyer and singer-songwriter from Medellín. She’s a self-described romantic, and her songs touch on emotions like love and sadness.

Paisa Perspective: Carmen Angel – Chef

Carmen Angel, chef and co-owner of Carmen and Humo restaurants, shares her favorite things to do and see in Medellín.

Protected: David Lee’s Medellin

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